7 principles of nutrition for health and beauty

Just ask yourself the moment your hand reaches for the refrigerator, or you are flipping through the menu at a restaurant: “Do I really want to eat this? Do I want an apple or a three-course meal now?” Pay attention to everything that is on your plate. The main thing here is to hear yourself. Take a minute for this.

Do not cook and eat in a bad mood. Food will only make you feel better. Angry, annoyed, tired? Limit yourself to a glass of water. Your body will thank you for it. As you sit down at the table, thank Mother Earth for her fruits and abundance. The feeling of gratitude and joy will make your meal even more rewarding.

Poorly chewed food is also worse digested and absorbed. When we greedily swallow food, excess air, entering the body along with food, can create bloating and a feeling of heaviness there, and a bunch of everything that we, young and healthy, definitely do not need. We chew food thoroughly, and better in silence. “When I eat, I am deaf and dumb” – remember the golden rule. What’s more, eating slowly will help you eat less. Who wants to build there?

The American naturopath Herbert Shelton is considered the founder of the concept of separate nutrition. His book on food pairing has caused a lot of controversy and discussion, but remember that the choice is always yours. For me, many of his rules have become familiar, in particular, the use of fruits as a separate meal, and certainly not as a dessert.

What could be tastier than pure water? Water can even change our physical condition. True, here you need to remember about an important nuance that is hidden in minerals. Because they are the conductors that deliver water to the cells, and their lack leads to dehydration of the body, no matter how much water you consume – this is how Oksana Zubkova, an expert on detox and rejuvenation, writes in her book “Naked Beauty”.

It is good when the food is not cold, not scalding, but warm. I often see how a person, being hungry, greedily pounces on hot food, or sips hot tea. Pay attention to animals, they will never eat too hot food. Be mindful of the state. Keep your inner balance.

 When you’re 20, you can eat whatever you want, drink the same, and in fact it will not affect your well-being in any way, at least for most people. But when you are already over 30, your metabolism slows down – this is nature, and if you don’t help it, then just don’t interfere, or rather, don’t spoil what you already (yet) have. So, what did I decide to say goodbye to? “Sharp sugar” (sweets, lollipops, cakes), milk, gluten, junk food (chips, crackers, etc.), alcohol (any). But a variety of greens, ghee and coconut oil, vegetables, fruits, nuts and cereals are always welcome in our house.

“There are a lot of incredible processes going on in our stomach, and all this is just to make us comfortable and in a good mood. We don’t even know that 95% of happiness hormones are produced in the gut,” says Julia Enders, author of The Charming Gut. Remember this, friends, when choosing products for your table in the store.

Summing up, dear readers, I would like to once again mention the individual characteristics of each organism. Notice your eating habits. Be aware. Love yourself and your body. Listen to your inner voice and let health reign in your bodies and joy in your hearts.

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