Chinese Research in Practice, T. Campbell

The sequel to “China Research” – a sensational work in the field of healthy nutrition, has been released. This truly noble cause, started by Dr. Colin Campbell, was continued by his son, a medical practitioner Thomas Campbell.

Let me remind you that the “China Study” was the result of an impressive project. His main idea was that a plant-based diet can improve people’s health and prolong their life, as opposed to a diet full of meat, milk and eggs.

And this theory, which simply blew up the public, received its confirmation in practice. Colin Campbell proves: not pills, but fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains will give us health, good mood and a long life of a new quality. And it offers its own power supply system.

At the same time, the book reads like an exciting detective story, because it exposes unsightly facts: who controls the food industry and sets the rules of the game in it and who does not benefit from people eating right and being healthy. Colin Campbell boldly denounced the industry giants who make their fortunes out of people’s problems.


His son, in his book Chinese Research in Practice, offers a two-week plan that will give your body a new – healthy – wave of restructuring. Everyone can do this simple plan and will transform your life for the better.

Together with Thomas Campbell, you can practically change your diet and lifestyle, make the optimal menu and even shopping lists.

This book can be a great help in improving your well-being and independent work on the most valuable thing – your health and the health of your loved ones.

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