The impact of positive emotions on a person

“The best way to get rid of unwanted or negative thoughts is to get used to thinking positively.” William Actinson It is very important to keep track of what we think, as well as the emotions that we experience. Our thoughts and feelings affect not only health, but also relationships with the outside world. Positive emotions bring us joy and happiness. Everything around seems beautiful, we enjoy the moment and everything falls into place. Barbara Fredrickson, one of the researchers and authors of works on positive thinking, showed how positive changes a person and leads to a qualitatively different way of life. Positive emotions and behaviors – lightness, playfulness, gratitude, love, interest, serenity and a sense of belonging to others – expand our perspective, open our mind and heart, we feel in harmony with the environment. Like flowers blooming from sunlight, people are filled with light and joy, experiencing positive emotions.

According to Fredrickson, “Negative emotions contribute to our development, while positive emotions are, by their nature, fleeting. The secret is not to deny their transience, but to find ways to increase the number of happy moments. Instead of working to eliminate the negativity in your life, Fredrickson recommends balancing your + and – emotions as much as possible.”

Consider positive thinking: 1) Faster recovery from cardiovascular problems 2) Reduces blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular disease 3) Quality sleep, fewer colds, headaches. General feeling of happiness. According to research, even abstract emotions like hope and curiosity contribute to protection against diabetes and high blood pressure. Being in the space of happiness opens up more opportunities for you, new ideas arise, and a desire for creativity appears. There are always days when things don’t work out and we are upset, but it’s worth watching emotions, distracting yourself with something, thinking about happy moments, and you will notice how negative thoughts dissolve.

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