Arsenic found in US chicken meat

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognized a few years later that chicken meat sold in the US contained arsenic, a toxic substance that causes cancer in high doses. This poisonous chemical is deliberately added to chicken feed. Thus, over the past 60 years, Americans who eat chicken have received some dose or another of the cancer-causing chemical. Prior to this study, the poultry industry and the FDA denied that arsenic given to chickens was ingested into their meat. For 60 years, people in the United States have been told that “arsenic is eliminated from the body of the chicken with excrement.” There was no scientific basis for this statement – the poultry industry just wanted to be believed. Now that the evidence is so clear, chicken feed manufacturer Roxarzon has taken the product off the shelves. Curiously, Pfizer, the manufacturer who has been adding arsenic to chicken feed all along, is a company that makes vaccines with chemical additives for children. Scott Brown, of Pfizer’s Development and Veterinary Research Division, said the company has sold the chemical ingredient to dozens of other countries. However, despite some manufacturers stopping the sale of chickens, the FDA continues to state that arsenic in chicken meat is low and safe to consume. Surprisingly, while reassuring consumers that arsenic-infused chicken is safe, the FDA declares the dangers of consuming elderberry juice! In a recent raid, the FDA accused juice producers of selling unauthorized drugs.  

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