TOP-3 fasting days after the feast

A festive feast always affects the figure and the state of your digestive system. And if it was hard for you to control yourself at the table yesterday, today, you can help your body recover and unload a little. Choose a convenient fasting diet for one day.

Fasting day on apples

If apples are available in season, they will be ideal for cleansing the body and relieving your condition. Apples are rich in fiber, so they are satisfying and help to remove toxins and slags.

Vitamins, which are rich in apples, will help the immune system to recover and restore the skin.

Besides apples, drink a lot of green tea without sugar, herbal infusions on this day. For dessert, bake an apple with a teaspoon of honey.

Fasting day on rice

Rice is a natural absorbent. It absorbs accumulated toxins well and removes them from the body. Throughout the day, eat rice in an amount that will be comfortable for your stomach. It is excluded to season rice with salt and pepper. Herbs and turmeric are allowed.

Drink plenty of water on this day to avoid problems with intestinal congestion. You can also make yourself green tea without sugar.

Fasting day on kefir

Kefir is the first assistant in improving digestion. The beneficial bacteria contained in it will quickly restore the normal functioning of the digestive tract. Remove the pain and heaviness in the stomach, remove toxins. Kefir is convenient to take with you everywhere – drink at least 2 liters of kefir, Sashenka or yogurt with a fat content of no more than 4 percent on this day.

If your appetite increases sharply in the evening, eat a portion of low-fat cottage cheese. 2 liters of water-also required during the day.

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