Foods that cause fatigue

We are used to the fact that food is the main source of energy, and just to overcome fatigue, we once again snack. It turns out that there are such products that, on the contrary, cause a decline in strength and a desire to rest.

Sweet stuff

Sweetness provokes fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Its sharp rise at first gives a lot of strength, and the subsequent rapid fall causes a wild feeling of fatigue and drowsiness.


Flour acts like sugar – a carb-rich pastry drives the sugar level back and forth and literally knocks you down and then requires a new portion so that the body can continue to function effectively.


Alcohol excites the nervous system – this is a well-known fact. A tired and shaken nervous system quickly becomes overworked, and there is a desire to lie down and sleep. What is paradoxical, but in a dream, the nervous system under the influence of alcohol does not rest, which affects the quality of sleep and your feeling after waking up.

Fried meat

Fat, heavy food requires too much energy from the body to digest it. Thus, there is no energy left for the rest of the life processes. It turns out that instead of gaining energy, you lose it.


Turkey meat is healthy and nutritious, but it has the following effect: it reduces performance and suppresses alertness, causing a feeling of fatigue and drowsiness.

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