TOP 10 most spicy food in this world
Spicy foods specifically effect human receptors, someone can’t try even a teaspoon, and someone is crazy about a blazing fire in the mouth. In some countries, acute food is national feature, due to the climate. During the heat the spicy foods, paradoxically, refreshes and cools. Plus, the spiciness helps a person to fight obesity, improve metabolism and blood circulation. Next national dishes are the most spicy in the world.

Tom Yam Soup, Thailand

TOP 10 most spicy food in this world

Thai cuisine is very exotic and rich in flavors. Sometimes to prepare a simple Thai lunch can be used up to 40 spices and herbs. The Tom Yam soup has a sweet and pungent taste, it is prepared on the basis of a chicken broth with shrimp, chicken, fish and other seafood.

Kimchi, Korea

TOP 10 most spicy food in this world

Korean food is characterized by a hot and spicy taste – a large number of red pepper gives the dish orange and red shades. One of these dishes – kimchi: pickled vegetables (mainly Chinese cabbage), seasoned with hot spices.

Fried beef with cumin and chili, China

TOP 10 most spicy food in this world

Chinese cuisine is very multifaceted and diverse. Because of the climate most of the dishes are seasoned with chilli, garlic and ginger. Fried beef with chili and cumin served with rice, to somehow neutralize the spiciness of the dishes.

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Chicken with coconut milk and cashews, Sri Lanka

TOP 10 most spicy food in this world

The Sri Lankan cuisine is hot and spicy, while sometimes these tastes are combined with unexpected ingredients. Here they prefer to subject the product to minimum heating in order to enjoy the true flavours and aromas of the ingredients. Example – chicken with coconut milk and cashews has very gentle texture and an unusual spicy taste.

Kharcho Soup, The Caucasus

TOP 10 most spicy food in this world

In the Caucasian cuisine you can find many flavors and leads them spicy and pungent. The gem of local cuisine is the famous walnut Kharcho soup with garlic and other hot spices.

The chicken in the sauce, Jamaica

TOP 10 most spicy food in this world

Jamaica is a country where to all the other spices they prefer pepper. It is both sharp, and incredibly flavorful. The highlight of the Jamaican chicken, which is prepared on the basis of allspice, chilli, thyme, cinnamon, soy sauce and nutmeg.

Watt with lentils, Ethiopia

TOP 10 most spicy food in this world

In Ethiopia they prefer hearty meals of meat and vegetables with piquant spices – saffron, Basil, coriander, cardamom, mustard, thyme and red pepper. One of the options for rich in protein lunch is watt with lentils, where the main ingredient, stewed in tomato sauce with onions, garlic, and chili.


Tandoori Chicken, India

TOP 10 most spicy food in this world

In India it is hard to imagine the kitchen without an abundance of herbs and spices. And most of them are hot – this is due to the very hot climate, and so that food is not spoiled, it is preferably to make it hot. One of the most popular dishes – Tandoori chicken, spiced with chili, garlic, ginger root, coriander and cumin.

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Avocado with ceviche of shrimp, Peru

TOP 10 most spicy food in this world


Peruvian cuisine is not widely known, it is less popular among local gourmets. However, the thrill will appreciate a snack of shrimp ceviche, which is made from raw fish with spices and herbs. Served with neutral avocado to take pity on your taste buds.

Tacos Mexico

TOP 10 most spicy food in this world

Mexicans also like the hot taste of the national burrito, quesadilla, salsa, nachos. On their background especially distinguished tacos with beans and avocado, generously seasoned with sous from onions, garlic, red and black pepper.


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