7 foods that will help to lose weight while you sleep

We dream about process of the weight loss happening by itself. And actually it is possible. After eating these foods, your weight will melt while you are sleeping sweetly. The main thing – have them for dinner and after a few days you will notice visible results. Only, of course, dinner has to be at least not later than 2 hours before bedtime, and better – even earlier.

Yogurt or kefir

Yogurt or kefir is safe to drink at night, without fear for your figure. It is natural product without any additives. Due to the high content in dairy products of protein, they strengthen the muscles and restore them after a workout. At night, these products enhance the synthesis of protein and help you to look slimmer. Easy to digest, yogurt and kefir will not disturb your sleep and will help to clean the intestines the body in the morning .

Cheese (cottage)

Cheese, eaten in the afternoon or before sleep, also helps to gain harmony. It contains casein, a slow protein, which gives a feeling of satiety for a long time and involved in building beautiful muscles. Tryptophan, contained in cheese, normalizes sleep and a rested body will be less demanding for carbohydrate fuel the next day.

Rennet cheese

Such cheeses as Roquefort, Suluguni, feta, mozzarella, Adyghe and other are sources of the good protein, amino acids and fats. This is a great dinner option, especially in combination with herbs. In this case, be sure to include the calorie content of cheese and not to eat it before bedtime.


This is one of the correct source of protein with low fat and carbohydrates. Meat chicken and Turkey is considered a dietary products, at the same time hearty. Boil the white meat or use a grilling pan and add it to the dinner.

7 foods that will help to lose weight while you sleep

Whole grain bread

Whole grains in products are a good source of vitamins and essential elements for good health and a long-digested carbs and fiber for a slim figure. Scientists have proved that people who consume whole grains lose weight better than those who prefer the polished grain. Whole grains contain a lot of magnesium, which regulates the metabolism and helps to normalize the level of fat in the body.

Green vegetables

Salad greens and green vegetables in combination with proteins is the surest way to satisfy your hunger before bedtime, if you get home too late. Few calories and lots of fiber is a nourishing, increases the metabolism and night excess weight will be simply nowhere to take from.


Evening salvation for the sweet tooth will be apples and bananas. Starchy banana you can use as an alternative before-bad snack – it also contains tryptophan, which improves sleep, as well as fiber, which promotes satiety and weight loss. Apples have the fiber and vitamins in its pure form, no fat. Prefer green and yellow apples instead of red.

More about foods before bed watch in the video below:

Our Top 7 Foods to Eat Before Bed to Sleep Better

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