Top 10 most beautiful eyebrows for girls


Even the perfect makeup will be imperfect if you do not pay due attention to the eyebrows. They are responsible for facial expressions. Beautiful eyebrows can hide flaws and emphasize dignity.

How to choose the right shape and is it worth blindly following trends? Pro tip: focus on your face type and be moderate when choosing a tone. Fashion is unpredictable, and tomorrow the trend may become bad manners.

Basic principles of beautiful eyebrows:

  • naturalness,
  • blur effect,
  • the right shape and tone,
  • grooming.

If you decide to change, but have not yet made your choice, we bring to your attention our rating of the most beautiful eyebrows for girls.

10 descending

In such eyebrows warp above the tail. They are also called falling or sad. Indeed, they give the face a dull look, add age. Not the most successful form, it suits few people.

But once they were at the peak of popularity. In the 20s, the fashion for descending eyebrows introduced by actress Clara Bow. Emphasis on the eyes – a trend in the make-up of that time, a lot of attention was paid to the eyebrows. The actress plucked them to a thin thread, and then drew them with a pencil, lengthening them down. Bold beauties followed her example, creating a touchingly dramatic image.

9. Wavy

Jessica Brodersen – trend makeup artist came up with wavy eyebrows summer 2017. They were presented online by beauty blogger Promis Tamang. Fashionistas quickly picked up this trend, and soon there were a lot more unreal beauties. Indeed, wavy eyebrows look unusual, and their owners will definitely not go unnoticed.

Such eyebrows are relevant now. This is a great option for a themed party or going out. A wavy effect can be easily achieved with makeup, using concealer and any eyebrow shaping product. You should not try to give this shape with tweezers or permanent makeup. The consequences can be deplorable, because after all, this image is not for every day.

8. Threads

The peak of popularity came in the 90s, although already in Soviet times fashionistas adored strings. Remember Verochka from the movie “Office Romance” with her advice: “The eyebrow should be thin, thin, like thread».

By the way, makeup artists say that the fashion for them is back again. Stars with thin eyebrows appear on the covers of magazines every now and then. The main trendsetter is the model Bella Hadid. Her eyebrows have never been wide, and lately they are getting narrower. If you decide to follow her example, think carefully. This form goes to girls with sophisticated facial features. It is better for older women to refuse threads altogether. They look good only on young girls, the rest are added 5-10 years.

7. small house

Even a beautiful sharp bend can spoil the face. Eyebrows house – ideal for girls with a round or oval face.

Eyebrows with a house are a beautiful and elegant shape, but it requires a competent approach. If you have never done eyebrow shaping before, entrust this matter to a specialist. It is very difficult to achieve this form on your own, and the result may be unexpected.

Most makeup artists claim that “houses” look great in photographs, but in life they sometimes look out of place.

Marilyn Monroe preferred such eyebrows.

6. Direct

Straight eyebrows gained great popularity thanks to Korean women. This shape makes the face look prettier and younger. Looks very stylish, but not for everyone. Straight eyebrows can be chosen by girls with an oval face shape and small, refined features. By the way, they visually narrow the eyes, so if you do not want to achieve this effect, give preference to a different form. But they are able to hide the flaw – the hanging eyelid. Straight eyebrows visually lift him, while the slightest bend will emphasize this feature.

Stars with straight eyebrows: Victoria Beckham, Ariana Grande, Maria Pogrebnyak, Natalie Portman and others.

5. Ascending

One of the most sought after brow shapes. It is also called “swallow wings”. Look attractive and effective. The base of the eyebrow is below the tip, so that the look becomes open and expressive. “Wings” look harmoniously on a round and oval face. Even if its shape allows, it is worth thinking about the compatibility of the image that dictates rising eyebrows, and internal state. Are you energetic and passionate? Then be bolder.

When making eyebrows, you do not need to get carried away with dark paint, otherwise the face will seem angry and aggressive.

Celebrities who prefer rising eyebrows: Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie.

4. Arcuate

A universal option that suits absolutely everyone. The only thing that will have to be adjusted depending on the shape of the face is the angle of the break. Eyebrows visually enlarge the eyes, give the face a flirtatious expression, rejuvenate. This is a classic that never goes out of style.

There are a lot of tips on the Internet for creating the perfect arc, but getting the right shape is not an easy task.

A striking example of beautiful arched eyebrows is Beyoncé.

3. Wide

Wide eyebrows were at the height of fashion in ancient Greece. The girls achieved the result they wanted with the help of usma juice. In the 80s of the twentieth century, it was no longer necessary to use such methods, but the eyebrows of the beauties of that time were no worse than those of Greek women. Currently, they are also relevant, but the “the wider the better” condition has ceased to work. Most girls stick to moderation in makeup, but still “Brezhnev’s eyebrows” still have a place.

Wide eyebrows look perfect on owners of plump lips or expressive eyes. There is another requirement – age. For women who want to look younger, it is better to abandon this form of eyebrows.

In any case, do not get carried away and make them deliberately wide. Whether you opt for in-salon treatments or do your own make-up every day, eyebrows need to look well-groomed. Sticking hairs do not adorn anyone.

Among the celebrities who choose wide eyebrows are Cara Delevingne, Natalia Castellar, Emma Watson and others.

2. With a break

Eyebrows with a kink relevant at all times. They will never go out of fashion. Ideal for women with an oval, round or diamond-shaped face. The shape can soften sharp features, make the look more open and open, and even rejuvenate.

The kink can be located either in the middle of the eyebrow, or closer to the end. The first option should be chosen by girls who want to make their eyes visually larger.

Among celebrities, kinked eyebrows are chosen by Katy Perry, Megan Fox

1. curved

Curved eyebrows not much different from the previous ones (with a break). Their difference is a softer bend, which is located a little closer to the temporal cavities. Such a slight difference is noticeable only to professionals. Nevertheless, even such touches play a big role in creating a beautiful image.

Eyebrows look impressive. They will be a real salvation for girls with a triangular face and small expressionless eyes. Curved eyebrows give the image sensuality and sophistication, visually reduce the large nose.

Halle Berry has the most beautiful “star” eyebrows.

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