Top 10 food bloggers in Ukraine

The beginning of a new year is a great time to bring something new into your life. For example, new knowledge and impressions, new people! Food&mood compiled for you 10 best food bloggers in Ukraine. In a company with these gourmets, it will undoubtedly be interesting, bright and informative.

Eduard Nasyrov

Leaving his career as a fashion designer, Eduard devoted himself to cooking and blogging, despite the fact that others unanimously assured him that he was crazy. However, less than 5 years later, Ed was named the best culinary blogger of the Russian Internet and was awarded a trip to Switzerland for this.


“Let’s get high in the kitchen! – urges Ed on the pages of his blog. There are no complicated multi-storey dishes in his magazine that have to be fiddled with all day. Eduard’s blog is, first of all, about a delicious vegetarian life: recipes, gastronomic travel, notes about new gastronomic places in Kiev.

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Evgeny Klopotenko

His own gastronomic workshop with unique author’s confitures, a victory on a culinary TV show, master classes, online courses, a Youtube channel, a Pop-up restaurant – all this belongs to him, Evgeny Klopotenko. In the blog, the chef shares his recipes and emotions, talks about culinary traditions and his own gastronomic experience. The tastier the food, the more interesting it is to live, says Evgeny. He creates restaurant dishes that can be easily prepared at home, and a key ingredient in his presentation is a sense of humor.

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Elena Prokhorchuk

“Culinary perfectionist and restaurant esthete!” – this is how Elena presents herself. Demanding on herself and the food she cooks makes a blog a great example of how to achieve culinary excellence and professionalism if you set the bar very high for yourself.

Her ability to work is amazing and infectious. Subscribers say that they look at Elena’s blog not only for bread recipes, product research and honest reviews of restaurants, but also for a charge of “magic pendel” and “cure for laziness.” In addition, Lena writes books – one of them is about bread, and the introductory part of the basic bread course can be read on her blog.

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Alexander Slyadnev

Alexander was one of the first gastronomic photographers in Ukraine. On his website, you can see photographs of dishes from the best restaurants in the world, including those from Ukraine. Once, sitting in one of the many Odessa restaurants, Alexander thought about the history and the process of creating dishes ready to be served to the guest. This is how the unique project Food & Chief was born, in which the author shares his impressions of conversations with celebrity chefs and tells interesting facts about creating a particular dish.

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Olga Kari

Olga is a journalist with 15 years of experience in television, the author of a blog about street food and extraordinary places, both in Ukraine and around the world. Together with her husband-photographer, Olga travels a lot and tastes dishes from different countries, describing her experience in her blog. Healthy recipes, helpful tips and restaurant reviews are what you can read about there.

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Anastasia Goloborodko

Anastasia is a culinary journalist, leading author’s culinary master classes on nutrition and sports. In her articles, Anastasia shares her own life hacks in building a healthy body, tells the history of dishes and how to cook them, about products and their effect on the human body. She gives advice on how to dilute your daily routine with activities and bring a healthy lifestyle into your life.

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Masha Serdyuk

Blog author «Cutlet»Collects all kinds of cutlet recipes and shares them with readers: classic meat cutlets, fish cutlets, vegetable cutlets and even cinnamon cutlets! The key to success is patience and work, and they, as you know, will grind everything. According to Masha’s theory, all dishes are cutlets, even cheese cakes and those are sweet cutlets. The author is sure that you need to cook with love or not cook at all. Gastro tours, non-standard recipes and a sea of ​​positive emotions will give readers this blog. 

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Daria Polukarova

Daria’s blog is called EvilOlive, there are many interesting recipes, collected by headings, with great step-by-step photos. Easy presentation style, self-irony of the author, new sound of classic recipes and many innovative culinary ideas – that’s what you will find in it.

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Marianne Douche

“Stop just filling your stomach, start savoring the food!” – urges the author of the blog “Recipes from Mrs. Stefa».

Marianna was born in Lviv and talks about the cultural characteristics of her native region, encourages people not to forget the dishes that adorned the tables of our grandmothers.

Gastronomic culture, according to the author, lies in the ability to distinguish quality from low-quality, in understanding the processes that occur with the product during cooking – what happens to carrots in a frying pan and why the biscuit does not rise. Special attention should be paid to the speech that Marianna uses in the blog, the extraordinary approach to the presentation of the material, exceptional attention to detail – all this makes her blog a unique resource.

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Lena Olshevskaya

In her blog, Elena has collected recipes that she presents in her author’s reading, with photos and comments. She also shares with readers what inspires her – reviews of cookbooks, interviews with interesting people, links to extraordinary food blogs.

This author will appeal to fans of simple and delicious Georgian, Italian, modern French and Scandinavian cuisine. 

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We hope you enjoy someone’s blog. However, whoever you follow, stay with Food&mood… News, trends, tips, interviews with food industry professionals, recipes, celebrity revelations and much more. It’s delicious to read us!

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