To work by bike – start this spring!

We are all used to associating changes for the better with spring. Someone counts the days until the summer vacation, someone made the window sill with seedlings in anticipation of the summer season, someone went on a diet to look spectacular in a light dress. It is a good tradition to start a new cycle of nature by acquiring a good habit, with a small contribution to your own health and to the well-being of the planet as a whole. There is an idea for this spring – to change to a bicycle!

The opening of the cycling season in Russia traditionally takes place in April. But fans of two wheels begin to pedal as soon as weather conditions allow. The number of cyclists in our country is not as large as in European countries, but there is much to learn from our western neighbors. In the Netherlands, 99% of the population rides bicycles, 40% of trips are made by this mode of transport. The Dutch spend almost 1 billion euros a year on their bicycles. At the same time, Amsterdam is considered one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world.

So it’s worth getting started! Let’s start cycling to work this spring. Why to work? Why not in the park on weekends? Yes, because getting to work is a daily necessity, and cycling in your free time can be postponed indefinitely. Bathroom renovations, mother-in-law visits and unexpected visits from friends threaten your bike with the fate of standing all season in dreary expectation.

Comfortable shoes. At work, it can be easily changed to one that meets the requirements of corporate style.

Protection. Despite the fact that mid-century ladies are cycling in straw hats in beautiful films, we strongly recommend wearing a helmet. If you are not very experienced, if the road runs through places of heavy traffic, this precaution is very important.

Accessories. A water bottle, a trunk or basket (maybe you will stop by on the way to buy), a chain – unfortunately, a bicycle is an easy prey for thieves, and you need to take care of its parking.

Wet wipes. Not everyone talks about this out loud, but many find it inconvenient to come to the office “soapy”. In fact, you shouldn’t be racing to work at the pace of a World Cycling Championship. But, if you see a problem, leave yourself a reserve of 10 minutes for simple hygiene procedures before starting the working day.

The road to work must be thought out in advance. The short cut is not the best option. When riding a bicycle, the lungs work in an enhanced mode, and there is nothing for them to inhale exhaust gases. It will be healthier and more pleasing to the eye to get to small green streets. You will be surprised, but you do not have to get up and leave the house earlier. If you calculate the time spent in traffic jams or waiting for transport, then the road by bicycle can be faster.

Health. Cycling strengthens the heart muscle, increases endurance, develops the muscles of the thighs and calves. During the season, you can easily lose up to 5 kg. Physical activity increases the level of serotonin in the blood, and, consequently, mood and performance.

Money. Do not be too lazy to calculate the savings from cycling. The cost of gasoline or public transport – times. Indirect costs for the maintenance of the car – repairs, fines – these are two. In addition, you can not buy a subscription to the gym, and you will visit doctors less often – we promise you that!

Ecology. If the first two points promise personal gain, then taking care of a clean environment is a small contribution to the well-being of the planet. Shiny, well-maintained cars attract the eye and promise comfort, but it is personal transport that causes more harm to the environment. Exhaust fumes, increased noise levels, damage from accidents. Reducing the number of car trips is a noble beginning. First you, then your household, colleagues, neighbors will join the ranks of cyclists.

So there you go!


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