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The slimming market today is one of the most lucrative. Maintaining a lean and vibrant body has become an obsession with almost everyone, to the point of seeking solutions that can help achieve that goal as quickly as possible.

Among the tools that have stood out, there is the sweat belt. This accessory, which initially caused controversy, is, to date, one of the most recommended instruments to refine the silhouette. However, many wonder if it is really effective.

To answer this question, we thought to analyze the product, and to form our own opinion. In the next paragraphs, you will therefore find a detailed test of this instrument, as well as the advantages it can offer.

We have also taken the initiative to research the best models of sweat belts, based on the reviews and specifications of the most popular references.

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What is the sweat belt?

Let’s start by explaining what the sweat belt is. While doing my research, I discovered that a lot of people still don’t understand what this accessory is.

The terms that manufacturers and businesses use can sometimes confuse this definition.

To put it simply, the sweat belt is a belt that will slim the silhouette by sweating the waist. The stomach, the back, the top of the hips… all the parts of the body which will be compressed with this belt will benefit from the same effects.

It can be defined as being a strip of fabric to be placed and tightened on the abdominal part, to activate sweating. The sweat belt can be used by men and women who are looking for a quick way to get rid of a steep waistline.

The slimming and sweat belt: is it really effective? Our comparison – Happiness and health

What is it made of?

The composition of the sweat belt is very simple. It is usually made from fabrics known to activate perspiration. The binding is based, for its part, on a scratch structure easy to handle.

The slimming belts that you will find on the market are mainly composed of:


It is a material that is prized for its stretchability, as well as for its strength. Neoprene first became known in the field of water sports, because it is the most used material in the manufacture of accessories and wetsuits.

Neoprene is simply the trade name given to synthetic rubber. Resulting from the polymerization of chloroprene, it has the ability to resist hydrocarbons and ozone.


This product is also light, waterproof, and very durable. Particularly appreciated for its insulating capacities, it protects against the cold. It is this quality that is put forward in the design of the sweat belt.


Also known as elastane, lycra is an ultra-stretchy polyurethane-based material. Unlike neoprene which has a very compact structure, lycra is of the mesh type.

For the manufacture of the sweat belt, it must be mixed with other materials. It is this addition which will ensure its extensibility, and which will make the device more flexible. It is preferred for its comfortable rendering, as well as for its high water resistance.


Elastane, which is also very heat resistant, offers high compressive power. Its action “sheaths” the abdomen, and gently activates heat. Its effect is similar to that of a sauna, and therefore ensures high and continuous heating.

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This material is similar to plastic, and is part of the composition of this product. Considered a revolutionary synthetic fiber, it increases body temperature to initiate sweating.

Slimming belts made from polyamide do not absorb moisture. This peculiarity gives it a certain robustness, and long-term use.


They also have the reputation of being more resistant than their competitors, because they offer a foolproof elasticity.

Polyamide is a material of interest for its ability not to register temperature changes. By compressing the belly, the belt made of this material will therefore retain body heat to cause sweating.


The last material used in the design of sweat belts is PVC. Particularly resistant to fire and water, it has all the advantages to induce sweating.

Like lycra, its action is reminiscent of a sauna. PVC is easy to maintain, strong, and is one of the favorite materials for sports dressers. Belts made from this material are often cited to facilitate the elimination of toxins.

They also have a reputation for efficiency, and would not register signs of wear. PVC remains despite everything a sensitive material, because it is also one of the components triggering the most allergies.

The slimming and sweat belt: is it really effective? Our comparison – Happiness and health

How does a sweat belt work?

As its name suggests, the slimming belt is used to refine the silhouette. Its action is to boost perspiration, by increasing the heat on the compressed area. The abdomen, therefore, is heated to facilitate the evacuation of fatty deposits.

The compression is mild, and just needs to be deep enough for the sweat to be activated. This belt, which will make you sweat more, will also initiate a compression habit in the abdominal belt.

This effect is similar to that of a traditional girdle: the compression exerted by the sweat belt accustoms the abdominal part to adopt a flat appearance.

This will be confirmed by both sports exercises and the continued use of the sweat belt.

For many, the accessory can also serve as a back support. Its action therefore works as much on the belly, as on the vertebrae that it manages to align, always by initiating good habits.

The operation of the sweat belt therefore aims both to eliminate toxins and to develop good general support. The accessory causes a long and regular melting of fatty tissue, maximizing the results you will get over time.

Is the sweat belt effective on its own?

The effectiveness of the slimming belt depends on the habits of its user. Keep in mind that this is not a miracle instrument that will guarantee you slimming, whatever your lifestyle.

The only way to ensure its effectiveness is to use it as part of a healthy lifestyle. You should not therefore hope that the sweat belt will get rid of your extra pounds, without putting a minimum of effort.

To get results in the best detail, it is imperative to exercise. Wearing a sweat sleeve during physical and sports activities will increase caloric expenditure, while optimizing the heat boost.

It is also recommended to adopt a healthy and balanced diet. Warning: it is not about depriving yourself, or indulging in draconian diets, in the hope of eliminating ten pounds in a month.

The right approach would be to eat properly, limiting or even removing excess. The following link will give you an example of what you can expect from this belt:

Drink a lot to eliminate a lot

A sweaty body is a body that eliminates large amounts of toxins. But a body that sweats is also a body that needs to regularly recharge itself with water. Drinking a lot is therefore essential for the slimming process to work.

The amounts of fluids you swallow as water should fully meet your needs, and give you enough material to sweat without feeling discomfort.

Remember that excessive sweating that is not compensated for in water can very quickly degrade health.

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However, you have to be careful not to overhydrate. Evaluating the quantities you need is essential to avoid discomfort. The rise in temperature caused by the belt can be significant, it is necessary to drink regularly, but not excessively.

How many kinds of slimming belts are there?

There are 3 main types of sweat belts;

  • Those intended for women, which are intended for targeted use on the hips
  • Those intended for men, which mainly cover the abdomen
  • Mixed sweat belts, which can be used by both sexes

Apart from their size and location, the different sweat belts all work on the same principle. Mixed models are those that meet the expectations of the greatest number, because they combine the advantages of the other two categories.

The differences between the models are also based on their composition. The materials that manufacturers add to the main structures can thus have an impact on the behavior, resistance, or even the effectiveness of the sweat liner.

The slimming and sweat belt: is it really effective? Our comparison – Happiness and health

The criteria for choosing the right slimming belt

The market is literally inundated with references that Internet users defend with more or less fervor. Be aware that the models that will match your loved ones will not necessarily be the ones that will have the best results on you.

It is therefore important to take certain criteria into account, to be sure to find the model that suits you:

The choice of material

This is undoubtedly the most important criterion. The choice of design material will be based on individual tolerances, but also on the different properties of the materials. This is the criterion that you must determine before even starting your research.

The compositions that are to be preferred are those that will not irritate your skin, and that will limit the risk of allergies.

A good material will therefore be one that will know how to combine the elements of quality, ensuring resistance to humidity, wear, heat, and rough handling.

Entry-level models are very rarely of good quality. It is therefore recommended to go for mid-range or higher-range foods. This not only ensures that the belt is kept for a long time, but also simplifies maintenance.

The features of the model

A sweat belt also includes features that you should be aware of before investing. The choice of model will therefore also depend on the objectives you have set for yourself.

To lose belly or slim the waist, the classic models are the easiest to use. Models equipped with specific technologies will therefore only be useful if you decide to develop the musculature of your abdomen.

What are the advantages of the sweat belt?

Slimming belts have advantages known to its audience as much:


  • Promotes the elimination of toxins in the abdominal cavity, and incidentally throughout the body
  • Contributes to gradual and measured weight loss
  •  Helps to quickly tone the body when the rules of use are respected
  • Proven effectiveness as part of a healthy lifestyle
  • Variety of models available for men and women, or for unisex use
  • Very variable price ranges, accessible to all budgets

The inconvenients

  • Not recommended for prolonged use over several hours
  • Compositions that can cause allergies on the most sensitive skin
  • No noticeable results when used without sports practice or adaptation of eating habits

What are the best sweat belt models?

It was difficult for us to determine which models really had the characteristics necessary to satisfy a majority of users. The tidal wave which took the market by assault brought us face to face with several thousand references, with very variable odds.

In the lot, many register similar opinions, which did not facilitate our sorting. The number of sweat belts that accumulate positive ratings is impressive.

So we ended up establishing our criteria based on the characteristics, and on the quality / price ratio.

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Reducing the list of accessories that are “really good” to the bare minimum has not been easy. We finally managed to retain only two models that really meet the criteria we are looking for.

The GJELEMENTS sweat belt

Our first reference is the product of the GJELEMENTS brand. This is a unisex neoprene model, specially designed for slimming goals. The device therefore provides a structure that promotes the flat stomach.

This belt managed to seduce us thanks to the integration of a cover and a digital fitness guide. Its design, which is both sporty and elegant, also weighed on the scales.

The slimming and sweat belt: is it really effective? Our comparison – Happiness and health

The brand offers here a design that it wants innovative, made from a high quality material. GJELEMENTS does not lack arguments to attract: this belt also announces an “exceptional resistance” which is due to its reinforced structure.

If the guarantee comes down to the now traditional “30 days money-back guarantee”, its ease of use and maintenance decides buyers who want above all to invest in a robust and easy-to-maintain reference.

This model combines thickness with performance, highlighting a composition of 2,5 mm. The final result, which seems both practical and comfortable, is also presented as an effective lumbar support.

The advantages and disadvantages of GJELEMENTS


  • Unisex model
  • Quick slimming goal
  • Fitness guide
  • Quality material

Check price

OMROC Sweat Belt

The second product we have chosen is the OMROC sweat belt. This slimming belt is also designed for a flat stomach objective. Like our first benchmark, it is made from premium neoprene.

Its design is unisex, and can be used by on waist sizes from S to XXXL. The maximum size is thus limited to 112 cm for this calorie-burning sheath.

The slimming and sweat belt: is it really effective? Our comparison – Happiness and health

Recommended as part of weight loss, the prototype permanently eliminates toxins.

The manufacturer offers interesting functions: optimization of the musculation of the abdominal cavity, increase in body heat during exercise, improvement of blood circulation… it highlights skills that we would like to find on any slimming belt.

This model also convinced us by the extent of its warranty. This is 12 months, despite ease of maintenance guaranteed by the manufacturer. We can therefore think that the product the quality of the product is assured, and that there is no fear of premature deterioration.

Strengths and weaknesses of the OMROC sweat belt


  • Premium neoprene
  • Wide waistline
  • 12 month warranty
  • Calorie-burning sheath

The inconvenients

  • No additional accessories

No foods found.

Reviews of the sweat belt

The impressions on the sweat belts are very mixed. While some consider them essential accessories to refine the silhouette, others do not hesitate to associate them with a scam.

The negative opinions are mainly justified by the inability of the sweat belt to lose stomach without an adaptation of the lifestyle. The comments against him are very numerous, and are found as much on specialized sites as blogs.

People who recognize their effectiveness claim that the tool would be an essential aid, and that it simplifies the development of abdominals. As with any slimming product or accessory, it is therefore clear that the results will never be the same from one person to another.

Our conclusion

The sweat belt can offer a boost, both in terms of morale and calorie expenditure. The proofs of its effectiveness cannot be based solely on its action alone, as it depends on several factors, including the lifestyle of its users.

Easy to use and maintain, the references that you will find in the trade have something to satisfy everyone.

Remember, however, that this type of belt cannot be considered a miracle accessory for losing weight, and that it only helps to eliminate certain fats.

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