Horsetail and its healing properties

– a plant common in Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East. The name literally translates from Latin as “horse’s tail”. It is a living fossil plant. Horsetail grew on Earth when dinosaurs roamed it. Some of these prehistoric plants reached 30 m in height. Today’s horsetail is more modest and usually grows up to half a meter. This plant is interesting for us for its healing properties.

Horsetail greens were used in ancient Greece and Rome as a remedy for wounds, ulcers, and kidney diseases. This is a folk diuretic, which is recognized by modern scientists.

Horsetail contains silicon, which is known to be good for bones. Horsetail extract, enriched with calcium, is prescribed for bone fragility.

The list goes on. Horsetail is rich in antioxidants, and in 2006 researchers found that horsetail essential oil was effective against a number of harmful organisms. Horsetail ointment relieves discomfort and speeds up healing in women after an episiotomy.

Horsetail has been used as a medicinal plant for thousands of years, but physicians have paid close attention to it only today. We look forward to seeing what other healing properties of horsetail scientists find. It is currently used in the following areas:

  1. Treatment of the kidneys and bladder

  2. Maintaining normal body weight

  3. Hair restoration

  4. With frostbite

  5. With fluid retention in the body

  6. For urinary incontinence

How to cook horsetail?

The first option is to buy fresh horsetail from a farmers’ market. Chop very finely 1-2 tablespoons, pour water in a large jar, let stand in the sun during the day. Drink instead of water. The second option: horsetail tea. 1-2 teaspoons of dried horsetail are brewed in a glass of boiling water for 5 minutes, if desired, you can strain.

In addition to useful properties, horsetail has a number. It contains traces of nicotine, so it is not recommended for children, pregnant and lactating women. Horsetail destroys thiamine, and this can lead to a lack of thiamine in the body. Talk to your healthcare provider before taking any new herb.

Today, horsetail is commercially available as a dried herb or extract. Choose what suits your needs best. There are excellent supplements containing horsetail. But it is better to use them as directed by a doctor.


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