The Secret of the Countess: how was born carpaccio

Carpaccio is a work of art and one of the few dishes which origin history is not under dispute and speculation. It was first prepared in the establishment Harry’s Bar (Venice) in 1950, by chance, as is often the case.

The first accident with the Creator, Giuseppe Cipriani turned him from an ordinary bartender to a respected restaurateur. Once behind the bar, Giuseppe hooked it to a regular customer Harry Pickering who had financial difficulties. He poured out his soul to the bartender and in return got a glass of his favorite beverage and 10,000 lire in debt. Two years later, the same customer came into the bar again and gave the bartender a generous tip in 50,000 lire. This money were enough to open a restaurant for Cipriani which he wanted for a long time.

The Secret of the Countess: how was born carpaccio

The second coincidence – the birth of the culinary symbol of Venice, delicious carpaccio. Once in Harry’s Bar Italian Countess Amalia Nani Mocenigo came to the bar and told Giuseppe about her secret. She was upset by the recommendations of her doctor, who forbade the Countess to eat thermally processed meat, and it was a favorite basis of her diet. Giuseppe Cipriani had considerable talent in the kitchen, he came up to his client to served the meat raw.

Prior to that, no one dared to cook such a dish. Cypriani took fresh chilled meat, cut it thin slices, which literally shone, and watered it with sauce from a mixture of lemon juice, milk, homemade mayonnaise and horseradish. The original recipe for this sauce is kept to this day by the followers of the great chef.

The Secret of the Countess: how was born carpaccio

The Countess really liked the new dish, and its fame began to spread with great speed – first Venice, and then in Italy and around the world.

The Italian word carpaccio came to mind of Cipriani, and his grateful Countess. The Countess casually mentioned a recent exhibition of the painter of the Renaissance Vittore Carpaccio. Red color of the dish, drizzled in a light butter sauce, reminded her of paintings of the artist. So carpaccio got its name.

Over time, became known as carpaccio, the slices of fish and vegetables and mushrooms and even fruits. As a sauce, cooks use different mixtures and balsamic vinegar with shavings of hard cheese.

The Secret of the Countess: how was born carpaccio

The original recipe carpaccio still looks like this: briefly put the beef in the freezer, then slice, put in a single layer on a plate and pour with sauce 60 ml mayonnaise, 2-3 tablespoons of cream, a teaspoon of mustard, teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, salt and sugar.

All raw products are found in kitchens around the world. Raw meat is a powerful aphrodisiac that improves libido and increases vitality. If you are not at risk to eat raw meat, you can try the carpaccio of fish and seafood with citrus, of duck breast, herring, goose liver, mushrooms, beets, zucchini, tomatoes and many other products, safe for health.

How to make beef carpaccio watch in the video below:

How to make Beef Carpaccio with Gennaro Contaldo

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