What your eating habits can tell about you

Did you notice that sometimes you uncontrollably are drawn to sour or you want to eat the whole cake alone, for example? Obviously, your body needs the trace element, vitamin or substance which it has already received from a particular product and remember the source. Well, you can try to rebuild it and to take necessary elements from the more useful products. Want sausage? Most likely fat in your body is not enough. Just feed the body with a useful fish or avocados, you make up the lack of fats without risk to your health.

I want salty

If you want something salty, then the body has increased metabolism, which often occurs during pregnancy, in diseases of the thyroid gland, with tedious physical exertion, dehydration (salt retains fluid). Not to overdo with the salty foods, drink plenty of water – this will launch the intestine and relax.

I want sweet

In disorders of carbohydrate metabolism people terribly want sweet buns and cakes with custard. Often when diets with a limited carbohydrate intake in sweet tear quickly, since sugar is a fast carbohydrates, which can increase the insulin immediately. You Should turn to slow carbohydrates – cereals, pasta, or eat fruits, honey, dried fruits. Burning desire of sweet dough can indicate a helminth infection.

I want something sour

Desire of sour might be related to disorders of the stomach acid, enzyme deficiency, so you need to get checked at the doctor-gastroenterologist. In the fall of immunity people also especially want lemons as they are a source of essential vitamin C. to Satisfying such need is a must. There is a lot of vitamin C in cabbage and walnuts.

I want something hot

Desire to flavor food with something sharp speaks about the increase of bad cholesterol in the blood. As well as acute stimulates digestion, then this desire is understandable. If you have no diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and spicy food does not cause pain, then independently adjust the amount of hot spices in your menu. The desire to eat spicy also may indicate the presence of worms.

I want chocolate

Chocolate contains over 400 different nutrients. However, this applies only to dark chocolate, milk is less useful. Basically it replenishes the reserves of magnesium in times of stress and a bad mood. And since women rapidly gain a shortage of magnesium, they like chocolate much more. To boost magnesium, replace high-calorie chocolate to whole grains, bran, fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts or seeds. But to exceed the norm of chocolate per day – 20 grams is not recommended.

I want bananas

Bananas are source of potassium, and that is a sign that now not its not enough for your body. Often a potassium deficiency is the result of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Banana with high calorie content can be replaced by less nutritious potatoes and legumes, green vegetables, carrots, nuts and dried fruits.

What your eating habits can tell about you

I want butter

An overwhelming desire to eat butter is observed in winter with a shortage of vitamin D. Nothing wrong with that, just pay attention to the quality of the product – the butter must not contain impurities harmful fats and artificial additives. Partly to quench this “thirst” for butter the quail eggs may help – eat them in the cold season often.

I want cheese

If your consumption of cheese has increased dramatically, especially with mold, consider to check blood sugar levels. Cheese also contains a lot of calcium, and the lack of this element may require hard cheese. High-calorie cheese you can substitute with a low-fat cottage cheese and cabbage, fish and sesame.

Want seeds

The desire to chew sunflower seeds appears with increasing antioxidant stress. Smokers are particularly vulnerable. To increase the level of antioxidants – vitamin E – you can eat a small amount of sunflower seeds a day, or use unrefined oil.

I want seafood

Seafood is a source of iodine, and in its lack, we focus on seafood. Iodine is present in walnut, persimmon. The habit of eating fish with vegetables, which includes cabbage, can bring zero result, because the iodine is poorly absorbed from cruciferous vegetables.

More about interconnection between youк personality and food habits watch in the video below:

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