The Rules of healthy eating from Michael Pollan

The most natural thing for man – power – is currently quite complicated. In most people, there is no benchmark in the world of nutrition and food, and they often rely on certain specialists, books, media reports, etc. But despite the different amount of knowledge on nutrition, it is still not clear how to organize proper nutrition.

Rule # 1 – Eat real food

Every year on the food market appears about 17 thousand new types of foods. However, most of them can be attributed to conditionally edible quasi maximum substances. These foods, which ingredients derived from soy and corn, synthetic nutritional supplements, are subjected to strong processing. That is, you need to prefer real food, ignoring industrial innovations.

Rule # 2 – avoid foods that Your grand grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food

Thousands of foods fill supermarket shelves. Reasons you should not eat their food, many food additives, substitutes, plastic packaging (possibly toxic).

Nowadays, the manufacturers are treated in special way foods, clicking on evolutionary buttons – sweet, salty, fatty, forcing people to buy more. These tastes are difficult to find in nature, but in food processing environments to recreate them is cheap and easy.

Rule # 3 – eliminate foods that are advertised as healthy

Here is a certain contradiction: the product packaging states that it is beneficial to health. Meanwhile, It indicates that the product has been subjected to treatment.

Rule # 4 – avoid foods with names which included the words: “light”, “low fat” “no fat”.

Company for the production of low-fat foods or no fat, which was conducted over 40 years, failed miserably. Eating fat-free food, people gain weight.

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If product fat is removed, it does not mean that the body will not produce it from food. Body mass can grow from foods containing carbohydrates. And many low-fat or no-fat foods contain a lot of sugar to compensate for the lack of taste. In the end too many carbohydrate foods are consumed.

Rule No. 5 – exclude substitute foods

The classic example is margarine – fake butter. Also, it should be called fake meat made from soy, artificial sweeteners, etc. To create a fat-free cream cheese, they do not use cream and cheese, ingredient adverse deepest treatment.

Rule # 6 – do not buy foods advertised on TV


Marketers are incredibly skillfully drawn any criticism, so as not to fall for the tricks, it is better not to buy the advertised foods persistently. In addition, two-thirds of television advertising is processed foods and alcohol.

Rule No. 7 – eat foods that can go bad

In order to extend the shelf life, the foods are processed, useful components are removed.


Rule # 8 – eat foods, ingredients that You can imagine in natural conditions or in raw form

Try to create a mental image of the components of sausage or chips. It will not work. By following this rule, You will be able to eliminate from the diet quasipositive substances and chemicals.

Rule No. 9: buy the foods on the market


Give preference to a farmer’s market before the supermarket during the period of the season. In addition, it is better to buy Goodies in the market – nuts, fruits – real food instead of candy and chips.

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Rule # 10 – give preference to food cooked by people

Let food cooking for people, not corporations, as the latter adds too much sugar, salt, fat and preservatives, dyes, etc.

It is necessary to eat what was collected in the garden, and throw away what was created in the factory. Also, do not eat foods which have the same name in all languages – “Snickers”, “Pringles”, “Big Mac”.

Rule # 11 – Eat foods of different colors

Different colors of vegetables indicate the types of antioxidants – anthocyanins, polyphenols, flavonoids, carotenoids. Many of these substances prevent the development of chronic diseases.

Rule # 12 – eat as being omnivorous

It is useful to introduce in the diet not just new foods but also new types of mushrooms, vegetables, and animal food. Species diversity will balance the body with essential nutrients.

Rule # 13 – eliminate from the diet foods made of white flour

“The whiter the bread, the faster the coffin,” says a brutal saying. White flour is harmful to health. Unlike the whole grain, it contains no vitamins, fiber, fats. In fact, it is a kind of glucose, so give preference to whole grain.

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