How to celebrate World Pet Day?

About the holiday

For the first time, the proposal to make November 30 a special holiday was made in Italy in 1931. At the International Convention for Animal Defenders, the same ethical issues were discussed then as they are today – for example, that a person should be responsible for all those whom he tamed. And if the problem of careful and attentive attitude towards homeless four-legged animals is now at least of concern to conscious citizens, then with pets the situation is different.

A priori, it is believed that, once in the family, the animal is surrounded by affection and care, receives everything necessary for life. However, in the news, unfortunately, terrifying stories about flayers regularly appear. Yes, and loving owners sometimes commit unethical acts towards four-legged animals: for example, if you delve into the theoretical component, a person has no right to chain even a dog that is dangerous to others.

To make this year’s World Pet Day useful, we invite VEGETARIAN readers to think about their pets and once again adequately analyze their attitude towards them.

Traditions in the world

Since World Pet Day primarily attracts their owners, it is celebrated in different ways.

So, in Italy and other European countries, in the USA and Canada, it is customary to organize public events and flash mobs that draw attention to the problem of responsibility for pets.

In a number of other foreign countries, the Bell project has been organized for many years. As part of the campaign, adults and children ring a small bell at the same time on November 30, drawing attention to the problems of animals that are “enslaved” to humans and living in cramped cages. It is no coincidence that most of these initiatives are organized in zoos.

In Russia, this holiday has been known since 2002, but has not yet been fixed by law. Apparently, for this reason, there are no noticeable general events and actions in the country yet.

What to read

Reading modern literature on the ethical issues of human-animal interaction is one of the options for holding a holiday:

· “The Emotional Life of Animals”, M. Bekoff

According to many critics, the book of the scientist Mark Bekoff is a kind of ethical compass. The author cites hundreds of stories as an example, proving that the range of emotions of an animal is as rich and diverse as that of a person. The study is written in simple language, so it will be easy and interesting to get acquainted with it.

· “Intelligence and language: animals and man in the mirror of experiments”, Zh. Reznikova

The work of the Russian scientist reflects all the important stages of the process of socialization of animals, considers in detail the ethical factor in determining the place of man in the world and the food chain.

· Sapiens. A Brief History of Humankind, Y. Harari

The sensational bestseller by historian Yuval Noah Harari is a revelation for modern man. The scientist talks about the facts proving that the human race throughout its evolutionary path has always behaved disrespectfully towards nature and animals. This is an interesting and sometimes sobering book for those who believe that things used to be better.

Animal Liberation, P. Singer

Australian professor of philosophy Peter Singer in his study discusses the legal needs of all animals on our planet. By the way, Singer even switched to a plant-based diet for ethical reasons, reflecting on the words of one of his vegetarian students. Animal Liberation is an impressive work that puts into place the rights and freedoms of non-human-speaking inhabitants of the Earth.

· Sociobiology, E. Wilson

Pulitzer Prize winner Edward Wilson was one of the first scientists to become interested in questions of the legitimacy of evolutionary mechanisms. He took a fresh look at Darwin’s theory and the purpose of natural selection, while receiving a lot of criticism in his address. The book draws quite interesting parallels between the behavioral and social characteristics of animals and humans.

What to think about

On World Pet Day, of course, most people want to please their pets once again. For example, many people buy bags of junk food for pets without thinking about what is included in these “delicious treats”. Others go on long street walks – and everything would be fine, but at this time the animal is often on a leash.

However, on this day, it may be more useful to once again think about your attitude towards your beloved pet. Ask yourself 4 simple questions:

Do I provide everything necessary for my pet?

Is he satisfied with his life with me?

Am I violating his rights when I stroke and caress him on my own initiative?

Do I pay attention to the emotional state of my animal?

It is logical that for a number of reasons there is no ideal owner for an animal. But, perhaps, the holiday of November 30 is an occasion for us, people, to once again try to get closer to the ideal and become a pleasant neighbor for our pet?

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