If you don’t have a dacha, don’t worry!

The only limitation is that there is not much space on the balcony, so you need to choose which plants you will plant. If you have a north side, then it is better to buy or grow seedlings in advance. On a warm southern balcony, you can immediately sow the seeds.

The most suitable vegetable for growing in urban areas. It is better to buy special varieties, for example, Balcony Miracle. Tomato bushes grow up to half a meter, and the fruits themselves are usually small, 3 cm in diameter, resembling cherry tomatoes. The harvest of tomatoes from the balcony will delight from the beginning of summer until autumn. Spreading bushes with yellow and red fruits look spectacular in flowerpots or hanging planters.

The most delicious cucumbers are those that are just plucked from the bush. After all, 90% of them are water, and 10% of aroma and freshness. And this is a good reason to be able to feast on your own harvest. But this culture is more capricious, loves moisture and is afraid of strong winds. It is better to place a container with cucumbers in a pan with water and gravel and allocate a place in a quiet, sunny corner of the balcony. It is important to choose varieties that do not require cross-pollination.

Bitter or sweet, it is perfectly adapted to growing in cramped conditions. But because of the ability to cross-pollinate, it is better to choose one variety. The plant is heat-loving and requires watering only with warm water. If you transplant pepper bushes into pots in the fall, they will bear fruit on the windowsill all winter, pleasing to the eye and adding variety to the winter menu.

At home, greens can be grown all year round, both on the balcony and on the windowsill. Usually lettuce, mint, dill, sage, basil are planted. Different herbs coexist well with each other, and the diverse color of greenery will decorate your favorite relaxation area on the balcony, not to mention the aroma of spices. Even such outlandish herbs as rosemary can be grown at home, but not using seeds, but by rooting twigs from the supermarket.

Imagine, in the shady part of the balcony you can place a mycelium. The most popular mushrooms for cultivation in artificial conditions are oyster mushrooms and champignons, the spores of which can be bought. The technology of growing mushrooms is not easy, but if mastered, it can even start a small family business.

Little tricks

To place more plants in a limited space, you need to rationally use the available space. To do this, build tiers, use vertical racks and hanging planters. And in order to grow strawberries on the balcony, they plant them in plastic bags made from sugar or flour, in which holes are made for the plants. Such a bed can be hung by placing a container under it to collect water flowing down after watering. Cheap and practical!


Along with a beautiful garden, insects may also appear on the balcony who want to feast on plants. Installing mosquito nets will partly solve the problem, but if pests still start up, then soft methods should be used to deal with them, because we grow environmentally friendly products. Use a solution of laundry soap, tincture of tobacco or mustard to get rid of unwanted guests.

A bit about exotic

Having acquired the initial experience of a home agronomist, you can experiment with exotic plants. Craftsmen grow lemon, date and even kumquat from an ordinary bone. And although it is quite difficult to achieve the appearance of fruits (for example, kumquat will begin to bear fruit in 8-10 years), a touch of excitement will make caring for such plants an exciting hobby. By the way, a small pot with germinated seeds of an ordinary lemon is recommended to be placed next to a home computer to improve the aura.

A home garden is not a way to provide ourselves with food, it is one of the ways to improve our home, touch a living source, find an outlet in the harsh conditions of a big city. A small corner of nature, created by one’s own labor and love, can give a person no less than vast rural lands.


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