The path from meat to plants

Plants are an attribute of health care, or Once again about the Chinese study 

Scientists over the past few decades have made it abundantly clear that a diet consisting primarily of plants, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds promotes optimal health, beauty, and longevity. If you add a healthy lifestyle, joyful emotions, physical exercises to this, then you can have no health problems at all and overcome all chronic diseases transmitted by previous generations, laying the foundation for health to the new one.

Numerous studies provide strong evidence that getting most of your calories from plant foods significantly reduces your risk of disease. One of the most advanced studies ever done on this topic was done in China. In The China Study, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, professor emeritus at Cornell University, explained in detail the links between diet, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. The China Study clears the fog of misinformation about the consumption of animal products.

A study published in the journal Food Technology shows that plant-based diets are essential to prolong life and health. Biologically active compounds in plant foods interact with cells, enzymes, hormones and DNA, influence gene expression and cellular changes – these interactions help to significantly reduce chronic diseases. The results show that inflammation is often the cause of most chronic diseases, and antioxidants from natural raw or minimally processed plant foods fight free radicals that fan the flames of inflammation and damage cellular form and function, damaging DNA integrity.

Bio-compounds from plants are effective in combating a gene that is associated with cardiovascular disease and plaque buildup in the arteries. As mentioned in The China Study, a plant-based organism can indeed rebuild artery walls that were once destroyed by animal-based cholesterol.

“Prevention is always better than cure…foods that can help prevent cancer and other chronic diseases are artichoke, black pepper, cinnamon, garlic, lentils, olives, pumpkin, rosemary, thyme, watercress, and many other plant foods.” , explains Dr. William Lee, President and Medical Director of the Angiogenesis Foundation in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Hippocrates put this theory down many, many years ago with the words “Let food be your medicine.” A plant-based diet reduces the need for medicine.

Eating animal food, fast food, hydrogenated fats (everything fried in oil, including vegetable) will not make you sick right away – the human body is incredibly strong, it can remain unaware of health problems for decades – nevertheless, this significantly increases the risk diseases, and over time gradually disfigures a person.

How to find an alternative

I believe that people cannot easily and quickly switch from animal food to plant food, because they simply do not find an alternative to animal food, they do not know how to cook it deliciously. According to people close to me, I succeed to a certain extent with a group of like-minded people. We delight our meat-eaters friends with our dishes, and in search of interesting, bright tastes that satisfy the needs of a meat-eater, we spent a lot of time and effort, made a lot of samples, went around many places in Moscow to find quality products and natural spices. Those who seek will always find (thanks to Internet deliveries and the growing food culture in our capital). You just need to try, try and try, cook and look for recipes, go to healthy food restaurants.

It is important to maintain the wide range of flavors that many people are used to when eating animal foods. This is easy to do: you can play with spices and contrasting flavors, add raisins to a vegetable salad, cook beet and legume cutlets, replace sugar with honey, cook pumpkin soup not with cow’s milk, but with coconut milk – and it’s really delicious! If it didn’t taste good to you, then you were cooked without a soul, did it for the first time, without knowing the philosophy of cooking, or having no taste in cooking.

Don’t make mistakes and be consistent 

Многие люди, решившие перестроить свой рацион, заказывают в ресторанах большое количество обработанной веганской или вегетарианской пищи. Обычно это жареная, обработанная с большим количеством масла, или приготовленная в панировке  еда, которую подают как «здоровую». На самом деле она вредная, сродни или хуже мясной, и, действительно, после такой еды люди чувствуют себя хуже, а в результате бросают попытки менять свой рацион. На первых порах отдавать предпочтение следует вареной, печеной, в крайнем случае – тушенной пище, а лучше всего готовить на пару.

Search for information, build up competence in the matter of what you eat, and what, after all, you are made of. Be careful when choosing places to eat. There are some vegetarian restaurants where the menu is rather bland and rarely changes – rather, such places are suitable for those who are in the middle of their transformation from a meat eater to a vegan, but not for beginners.

At first, try to cook at home – knowing your taste preferences, you can easily replace unhealthy dishes with less harmful ones, less harmful ones with harmless ones, harmless ones with healthy ones, and eventually you will be able to appreciate healthy food in restaurants with vegan and raw food dishes.

The main thing is not to rush from one extreme to another, every day should be lived by you with pleasure and without restrictions. Smoothness and gradualness are your allies on the way to the habit of eating life-giving food. If the body eats animal food all its life, it will be a shock for it to immediately switch to plants. It’s like with hard drugs: you need to gradually and insinuatingly change your diet, moving from pork to beef, from beef to chicken, from chicken to fish, from fish to cottage cheese, from cottage cheese to strawberries with spinach and pine nuts – and you already notice how nice your skin smells, you like your reflection in the mirror more and more, you need new clothes in a smaller size, your thoughts are full of virtue and positive, you have bright energy, you don’t remember the last time you saw a doctor or took medicine. This is how I live, and I wish you to live even better.




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