Eco-detox on the banks of the Volga


General idea 

It was after visiting Plyos that a well-known French entrepreneur, married to a Russian girl, came up with the idea to create a resort of a completely different formation, unique for Russia. Their family, enchanted by the marvelous views and the fabulous spirit of this place, decided to create something reminiscent of a piece of paradise in modern processing on the site of the ancient estate “Quiet Quay”. This is how “Villa Plyos” appeared. The resort combines the beauty of the nature of the Volga region and service at the level of the best French wellness centers. The founders have developed a state-of-the-art system of holistic wellness and natural body reset, combining training with healthy nutrition, spa treatments, art therapy, as well as vibrant healing architecture and design.

At the entrance to the fitness resort, visitors see a figure of a black bear, made in the style of pop art. Created most recently by the famous European sculptor Richard Orlinski, the bear is considered the symbol of Villa Plyos and a work of art that is one of the key components of the natural reset here.


In this place you can enjoy the comfort of luxurious apartments, walk through the magically smelling forest, admire the colorful sunsets.

However, the most important value of the resort is comprehensive stay programs. There are 4 of them in total – Sport, Slim-Detox, Anti-stress and the recently launched Beauty program. Each of the programs is based on three main components – physical activity, spa treatments and nutrition. Each of them meets specific needs. For example, the Sport program promises to increase endurance, the main focus is on intensive training up to 4 times a day. This program is suitable for athletes or active sports enthusiasts. The Slim Detox program is for those who want to lose weight in a short period, so the diet comes with a daily calorie deficit, plus daily cardio workouts and spa treatments that tighten the silhouette and provide a lymphatic drainage effect. The Antistress program will help restore healthy sleep and complexion, relax and break away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. In February, the Beauty program was launched, based on spa treatments and beauty rituals from the French brand Biologique Recherche. All programs include spa treatments that solve skin care problems. Some of these procedures are so natural that one is tempted to eat a scrub hand-made by technologists or a mask made from fresh berries picked in ecologically clean regions of Russia. Everything here is designed to restore peace of mind and peace.


In your free time, you can walk around the territory of 60 hectares, where there are orchards, sports grounds and art objects that delight the eye. One chair several meters high, unexpectedly appearing in the way of guests walking along the paths, is worth something. Here you can also go down to the Volga or retire in a chapel built on the territory specifically for meditation. Painted by a Tunisian artist based on the Christian holiday of Easter, it does not belong to any of the confessions. And you can spend the evening reading one of the hundreds of books on art, music, cinema and culture of different countries, collected in the library on the second floor of the lobby. Or warm up after a walk in the Turkish hammam, which is free to visit any guest of the Villa.

Description of programs 

Before the start of the procedures, all clients undergo a fitness check on a special modern device, as a result of which individual pulse zones are determined and a training plan is drawn up. Such testing allows you to take into account the personal characteristics of a person and achieve results in the shortest possible time without harmful consequences for the body. Specialists working at the resort set the periods necessary for active and calm activity, and also determine the time for the recovery of the body. SLIM-DETOX. Helps to get rid of excess weight, reduce body volume, cleanse toxins and change harmful food preferences and habits. The basis of the program is the reduction of daily calories consumed and intense training. 

SPORT. Program for physically fit people. Intense endurance training, nutritious nutrition to rejuvenate and post-workout massage techniques to relax your muscles are what guests can expect during their stay on this intense program.

beauty. A program for those who want to look perfect. The basis is spa treatments from two well-known brands – Natura Siberica and Biologique Recherche. Outdoor walks and light Mind Body workouts (yoga or stretching) complete the program. 

ANTI-STRESS. Restores physiological strength, relaxes the nervous system and improves sleep. It is aimed at compensating vital energy and distracting from the bustle of big cities. The program provides a balanced menu without a calorie deficit, spa treatments provide relaxing and anti-stress care. 

GUEST. The program is for those who want to go for a company and just enjoy the territory of the Villa. The creators of the resort included five meals a day and unlimited use of the sauna and hammam, as well as a beautiful swimming pool with a panoramic view of the Volga, in the cost of the stay. In addition, for an additional fee it is possible to attend artistic relaxation programs and master classes.

Terms of programs can last from 4 to 14 days. 

The hallmark of this wonderful resort is an excellent cultural program, combined with motivating projects, lecture courses on a healthy lifestyle, the development of the arts, cooking and various crafts master classes, and, of course, unique musical celebrations.


Before the start of the procedures, guests consult with a nutritionist, while the percentage of fat and muscle mass, the volume of fluid and the metabolic rate are individually calculated. After that, an individual guest menu is formed, based on local farm products for the corresponding season.

Having cooked for the Queen of Great Britain, the King of Saudi Arabia, Fidel Castro, the Sultan of Oman and many other celebrities, the resort’s legendary Chef Daniel Egreto makes it his mission to provide a personalized and consistently delicious menu that will please everyone. 

Despite the combination of traditions from different countries in his cuisine, classic French and Mediterranean dishes are considered his specialty. At the same time, he diligently avoids the use of sugar, flour and salt in his dishes, preferring rare spices and aromatic herbs. Dishes from under his knife are juicy and tasty, there is no need to talk about freshness.




The area of ​​the resort “Villa Plyos” occupies 60 hectares on which there are fruit trees, flower beds and a real spring, greenhouses that help provide guests with natural and clean products. The environmental friendliness of the place can be traced in the design of the resort. In the interiors, Russian and Italian designers used only natural materials – wood and stone. The idea of ​​a Russian hut was laid as the basis of the chalet, but with modern elements, which firmly connects the past and the future. The spacious rooms reflect the breadth of the Russian soul, while the meticulous attention to detail points to the French approach.


You can easily get to Villa Plyos by your own car, or by a comfortable premium-class shuttle equipped with places to sleep, eat, internet and even a shower. The road passes imperceptibly and comfortably.

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