The most powerful prayers for a loved one

Prayer for a loved one is a powerful and simple way to support him in any life situation. Whether it is a quarrel with a loved one, a long journey, an illness, or just an important event – prayer will support and help you gain strength.

The most powerful prayers for a loved one

A sincere prayer for a loved one will certainly be heard, because you put all the strength of your feelings into it. Alas, in life we ​​are often overwhelmed by doubts, oppressed by anxiety and fear for loved ones. It is at such times that it is time to turn to prayer.

Even at a great distance, you can support your loved one by turning to God and heavenly forces with a request for help.

Orthodox prayer for a loved one

There are many Orthodox prayers for health and love. In no case should they be confused with conspiracies and love spells – they have nothing in common.

Prayer for a loved one will allow you to act as if his messenger in the face of the Lord – to ask on your behalf together for health, luck and happiness in love.

Here is the strongest Orthodox prayer for a loved one.

In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Lord Holy Almighty, give my beloved the strength so that he can do everything he has in mind, what he dreams of. Save and have mercy on him, Lord. Forgive him his sins, deliver him from temptations, keep him clean. Reward him for his kindness, for his loving heart.

Do not let him be disappointed in people, strengthen his strength, his hopes, help in his plans, send him love and happiness. Let those whom he loves love him, let his enemies love him, and no one will harm him.

Let my beloved know how much I love him, and let him rejoice. Have mercy, Lord! Amen!”

There is also a short prayer for a loved one – it can be used in a daily appeal to the Lord. There she is.

A short prayer for a loved one

Save, Lord, and have mercy on Your servant (name) with the words of the Divine Gospel, which are about the salvation of Your servant.

The thorns of all his sins have fallen, Lord, and may your grace dwell in him, scorching, cleansing, sanctifying the whole person, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen”.

Prayer for a loved one to the holy great martyrs Adrian and Natalia

O sacred couple, the holy martyrs of Christ Adrian and Natalia, blessed spouses and good sufferers!

Hear us praying to you with tears (names), and send down on us all that is useful to our souls and our bodies, and pray to Christ God, have mercy on us and do with us by His mercy, may we not perish in our sins.

Hey, holy martyrs! Receive the voice of our prayer, and deliver us with your prayers from gladness, destruction, coward, flood, fire, hail, sword, invasion of foreigners and internecine warfare, from sudden death and from all troubles, sorrows and illnesses, but strengthen with your prayers and intercession let us glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, to whom all glory, honor and worship is due, with His Father without beginning and the Most Holy Spirit, forever and ever. Amen.

The most powerful prayers for a loved one

How to pray for your loved one

Many women worry that their prayers may not be heard if they are spoken incorrectly.

However, remember once and for all: it is not the words that you utter that are more important, but the feelings that you put into them!

Jesus said: no matter what prayer you choose, no matter what words you say, it is the turning to God that matters, “for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.”

So in prayer for a loved one, the most important thing is the sincerity and tenderness that you put in, and the positive image of events that will be before your eyes during prayer.

Now you are giving your request to a Higher Power – which means you trust it and trust that you and your loved one will be taken care of. So try to calm down and be joyful in anticipation of the fulfillment of your petition – after all, it is said that God will never leave those who believe in his help to the end.

The most powerful prayers for a loved one

There are several general rules for praying for a loved one, which both Orthodox priests and any people who believe in the existence of Higher Powers consider necessary:

  • In prayer, try to avoid “non-words” and “non-phrases”: it is important to say and ask for what you want to happen – and not for what should not happen.
  • Concentrate on the good and in no case remember the negative moments from your relationship with your loved one, especially if you don’t feel that you have lived to the end and let go of this situation.
  • When praying for a loved one, like any other, it is important to fully collect thoughts around your request and appeal to God. Do not be distracted by extraneous thoughts and deeds, find a quiet corner where no one will disturb you, and relax.

Remember that a prayer for a loved one, even the shortest one, in your own words, will surely be heard by Heaven, because God is love, which means that your pure, full of feelings requests are the most important thing in the world, and everything will come true.

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