15 facts in favor of cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper has gained fame as a traditional medicine in China. Today, this spice is gaining popularity in Europe, not only as a food supplement, but also as a tool for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. The effectiveness of cayenne pepper has already been proven for heartburn, tremors, gout, nausea, tonsillitis, scarlet fever. And this is just an abbreviated list.

So what are the magical properties of cayenne pepper?

1. Cayenne pepper helps with.

2. When cayenne pepper disperses mucus in the upper respiratory tract, after which there is a noticeable relief.

3. Studies have shown that cayenne pepper fights phomopsis and collectotrichum species.

4. When cayenne pepper switches the brain response to another area of ​​the body, thereby reducing pain.

5. Cayenne pepper is and suppresses allergic reactions.

6. For digestion, this is simply a unique component. Stimulates the work of the gastrointestinal tract, increasing the production of enzymes and gastric juice. This helps the body absorb food. Cayenne pepper is effective in stimulating peristalsis.

7. By promoting salivation, cayenne pepper stimulates and maintains well-being.

8. Cayenne pepper prevents the formation, reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke.

9. Spicy spice – a well-known stimulant of the circulatory system. It accelerates the pulse and accelerates the lymph. In combination with lemon juice and honey, it is an excellent morning drink for the whole body.

10. Cayenne pepper contains the substance capsaicin, which has proven itself as a pain reliever, especially for.

11. The properties of cayenne pepper make food last longer.

12. Research conducted at Loma Linda University in California gave hope that eating cayenne pepper prevents. This may be due to the high content of capsaicin. Other studies have found a similar effect on liver tumors.

13. Scientists from the University of Laval in Quebec gave the subjects cayenne pepper for breakfast to reduce appetite and reduce the amount of food eaten during the day. All participants showed a gradual

14. Cayenne pepper has proven itself as a remedy for gum disease.

15. As a poultice, cayenne pepper is used for.

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