Prayer for quarrels in the family: the power of faith is able to improve relations


Have you stopped recognizing your once friendly family? Have misunderstandings appeared in the relationship, conflicts have become more frequent? In the Orthodox faith, the family occupies an important place, and therefore prayer from quarrels in the family can work wonders, returning harmony to your relationships with loved ones.

Prayer for quarrels in the family: the power of faith is able to improve relations

Turning to the Higher Forces will help you not only improve relations with your soulmate, but also protect your children from your conflicts, because they suffer a lot from this.

To whom can prayer be addressed from quarrels in the family?

You can ask for peace in the house from any Saint. In Orthodoxy, the patrons of the family are:

  • Holy Mother of God. She is an example of patience in the face of injustice and suffering. It is the Most Holy Theotokos who will always come to the rescue when it comes to tranquility and peace in the family, the well-being of children;
  • Holy angels, archangels. Turning to them will help you learn to relate to troubles more easily, give humility. For example, the protectors of the family are Archangel Varahiel, Archangel Raphael;
  • Xenia of Petersburg – a miracle worker, who is the patroness of the family;
  • Saints Peter and Fevronia. They lived all their lives in peace, love and harmony, and died on the same day and at one hour;
  • Saints Joachim and Anna, who were the parents of the Queen of Heaven. They were an example of an ideal married couple, therefore they are the patrons of a family idyll;
  • Jesus Christ. The all-forgiving Son of God knew how to forgive and love, even when he experienced betrayal from people, which he teaches us too.

All these images can be addressed in prayer, not only with frequent quarrels, but also in cases where it seems that a divorce from a soulmate is just around the corner.

How to read a prayer from quarrels in the family?

You must understand that appealing to the Higher Forces is not just a set of words that you need to say “for show”, and after that your family life will improve, as if by magic. You need to read a prayer from quarrels in the family with faith in your heart, and with the understanding that not only your soulmate is to blame for family conflicts. Maybe some of it is your fault.

In order for the Higher Powers to hear your appeal and help you, do this:

  • From the bottom of my heart, forgive your chosen one, ask for forgiveness from the Heavenly Patrons for both of you;
  • Read a prayer in the temple or in front of the images, if you have them at home;
  • Nobody and nothing should interfere with your appeal to the Higher Forces – find a quiet, secluded place;
  • During prayer, think about actions – both about your own and about the actions of your soulmate;
  • After the prayer, once again ask for forgiveness from the Heavenly Patrons for quarrels in your family;
  • When you read the prayer, talk to your household, ask for forgiveness from them too.
Prayer for quarrels in the family: the power of faith is able to improve relations

Effective prayers from quarrels in the family can be addressed to various saints, to the Mother of God, to the Lord – you just need to choose which words actually resonate in your soul. Indeed, in prayer, as in faith in general, desire and sincerity are more important than a set of phrases.

Prayer from quarrels in the family to Vera, Nadezhda, Love and their mother Sophia

O holy and glorious martyrs Vero, Nadezhda and Lyuba, and valiant daughters of the wise mother Sophia, now a parishioner to you with fervent prayer; what else can intercede for us before the Lord, if not faith, hope and love, these three cornerstone virtues, in them the image of the named, you are manifest by your very prophetic! Pray to the Lord, that in sorrow and misfortune He will cover us with His inexpressible grace, save and preserve us, as the Lover of mankind is also good. To this glory, as the sun is not setting, now it is bright and bright, hasten us in our humble prayers, may the Lord God forgive our sins and iniquities, and may we have mercy on us sinners and unworthy of His bounties. Pray for us, holy martyrs, our Lord Jesus Christ, to whom we send glory with His Father without beginning and His Most Holy and Good and Life-giving Spirit, now and ever and forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer from quarrels in the family to the Archangel Varchiel

O great Archangel of God, Archangel Barahiel! Standing before the Throne of God and from there bringing the blessings of God to the homes of the faithful servants of God, ask the Lord God for mercy and blessings on our homes, may the Lord God bless us and increase the abundance of the fruits of the earth, and give us health and salvation, good haste in everything, and on enemies victory and overcoming, and will keep us for many years, always.

Now and forever and forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer from quarrels in the family to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Lady, take my family under Your protection. Instill in the hearts of my spouse and our children peace, love and non-controversy to all that is good; do not allow anyone from my family to separation and a difficult parting, to premature and sudden death without repentance.

And save our house and all of us living in it from fiery ignition, thieves’ attacks, every evil situation, various insurance and devilish obsession.

Yes, and together and separately, clearly and secretly, we will glorify Your Holy Name always, now and forever, and forever and ever. Holy Mother of God, save us! Amen.

Prayer to Xenia of Petersburg from quarrels in the family

Oh, simple in the way of her life, homeless on earth, the heiress of the cloisters of the Heavenly Father, blessed wanderer Xenia! As if before, you had fallen into illness and sorrow at your tombstone and filled it with consolations, now we too, overwhelmed by pernicious circumstances, resorting to you, we ask with hope: pray, good celestial lady, that our steps would be corrected according to the word of the Lord to the doing of His commandments, and yes God-fighting atheism will be abolished, which has captivated your city and your country, casting us many-sinners into mortal fraternal hatred, proud self-exaltation and blasphemous despair.

Oh, most blessed, for the sake of Christ, having shamed the vanity of this world, ask the Creator and Giver of all blessings to grant us humility, meekness and love in the treasure of our hearts, faith in strengthening prayer, hope in repentance, strength in a difficult life, merciful healing of soul and body our chastity in marriage and care for our neighbors and sincere ones, our whole life renewal in the cleansing bath of repentance, as if all-praisefully singing your memory, let us glorify the miraculous in you, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Trinity Consubstantial and Indivisible forever and ever. Amen.

The most powerful prayer from quarrels in the family

The most powerful prayer that will help to avoid quarrels in the family and live in peace, love and understanding is considered to be a prayer to the Lord. It is longer and more complicated than the previous ones, but the centuries-old experience of religion claims that it has no equal.

Try to read this prayer to solve all the quarrels and problems in the family – it’s okay if you can’t memorize it, because our words still reach the Lord if they are spoken from a pure heart and at the behest of the soul.

Prayer to the Lord from scandals and quarrels in the family

There is an old prayer, the holy words of which will help to protect oneself from quarrels and family scandals. As soon as you feel that a “storm” is coming, immediately retire and read the prayer, crossing yourself three times after. And every day she starts well and ends well. Her strength is enormous.

Merciful merciful God, our beloved Father! You, by your gracious will, by Your Divine providence, have placed us in a state of holy marriage, so that we, according to Your established, live in it. We rejoice in Your blessing, which is spoken in Your word, which says: He who has found a wife has found good, and receive blessing from the Lord. Lord God! Make sure that we live with each other all our lives in Your divine fear, because blessed is the Man who fears the Lord, strong to His commandments.

His seed will be strong on earth, the generation of the righteous will be blessed. Make sure that they love Your word most of all, willingly listen and study it, so that we can be like a tree planted at the source of water, which bears its fruit in due time and whose leaf does not wither; to be like a husband who succeeds in everything he does. Do also that we live in peace and harmony, that in our marital state we love chastity and honesty, and do not act against them, that peace dwells in our house and we keep an honest name.

Grant us the grace to raise our children in fear and punishment to Your divine glory, so that from their mouths You can arrange Your own praise. Grant them an obedient heart, may it be good for them.

Protect our house, our property and our possessions from fire and water, from hail and storm, from thieves and robbers, since everything that we have, You have given us, therefore, be kind and save it with Your might, for if You do not create a house, then those who build it labor in vain, if You, Lord, do not preserve the citizens, then the guard does not sleep in vain, You send to your beloved.

You establish everything and rule over everything and rule over everyone: you reward all loyalty and love for you and punish all unfaithfulness. And when You, Lord God, want to send us suffering and sorrow, then give us patience so that we obediently submit to Your fatherly punishment and act mercifully with us. If we fall, then do not reject us, support us and raise us up again. Ease our sorrows and comfort us, and do not leave us in our needs, grant us that they do not prefer the temporal to the eternal; because we brought nothing with us into this world, we will not take anything out of it.

Do not let us cling to the love of money, this root of all misfortunes, but let us try to succeed in faith and love and achieve the eternal life to which we are called. God the Father bless and keep us. May God the Holy Spirit turn His face towards us and give us peace. May God the Son enlighten with His face and have mercy on us, may the Holy Trinity preserve our entrance and exit from now and forever and ever. Amen!

Prayer to the Mother of God for reconciliation with a loved one

If you want to pray not for resolving constant disputes and quarrels in the family, but for a quick reconciliation with your loved one, you can also choose such a prayer addressed to the Mother of God.

Our Most Holy Lady, Virgin Mary, Mother of God! Give me, servant of the Lord (name), your grace! Teach me how to strengthen peace in the family, humble pride, get along. Ask the Lord for our forgiveness for his sinful servants (names and husband). In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

A short prayer for peace and love in the family

Lord Jesus Christ! Ever-Virgin Mary! You live in heaven, look after us sinners, help in the hardships of the world!

They were crowned as husband and wife, commanded to live in peace, keep dove fidelity, never swear, do not throw black words. Praise you, delight the angels of heaven with singing, give birth to children and deal with them at once. God’s word to bear, to be together in sorrow and joy.

Give us peace and tranquility! So that dove love does not pass, but hatred, black passion and trouble do not find the way into the house! Lord, protect us from an evil person, an evil eye, a devilish deed, heavy thoughts, vain suffering. Amen.

Prayer to Daniel of Moscow

This saint is also often prayed for peace in the family, especially if quarrels have become more frequent:

High praise to the Church of Christ, the city of Moscow is an invincible wall, the powers of the Russian Divine affirmation, Reverend Prince Daniel, flowing to the race of your relics, we earnestly pray to you: look at us, those who sing your memory, shed your warm intercession to the Savior of all, as if to establish peace in the country ours, its cities and villages and this monastery will preserve goodness, planting piety and love in your people, eradicating malice, civil strife and morals; to all of us, all that is good to a temporary life and eternal salvation, grant with your prayers, as if we glorify Christ our God, marvelous in His saints, forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer to Apostle Simon the Zealot

This archangel helps in family matters. Prayer to him will help you from quarrels in the family, with a husband or wife:

Holy glorious and all-praiseable Apostle of Christ Simone, worthy to receive into your house in Cana of Galilee our Lord Jesus Christ and His Most Pure Mother, Our Lady Theotokos, and to be an eyewitness to the glorious miracle of Christ, manifested on your brother, turning water into wine! We pray to you with faith and love: implore Christ the Lord to transform our souls from sin-loving into God-loving; save and keep us with your prayers from the temptations of the devil and the falls of sin and ask us from above for help during our despondency and helplessness, let us not stumble on the stone of temptation, but steadily walk the saving path of the commandments of Christ, until we reach the abodes of paradise, where you are now settling down and having fun . Hey, Apostle of the Savior! Do not shame us, strong in thee who trust, but be our helper and patron in all our lives and help us piously and God-pleasingly end this temporary life, receive a good and peaceful Christian death and be honored with a good answer at the Last Judgment of Christ, but having escaped the ordeals of the air and the power of the fierce world-keeper, we will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven and glorify glorious Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen.

Wise men’s advice

We are all different, each has its own habits, advantages and disadvantages, and this can be the cause of disagreements in the family. But this is not a reason to believe that your unit of society is doomed to decay.

Do not forget that prayers alone may not be enough to fix the situation – usually your partner is also waiting for real, material steps that will help strengthen the marriage.

Prayer for quarrels in the family: the power of faith is able to improve relations

The Church gives some important tips to help strengthen family relationships and avoid quarrels:

  • Get rid of anger and anger at your soul mate, do not blame only the “opponent” for everything;
  • Drive away negativity from yourself, refrain from reproaches, insults towards your soulmate;
  • Step over your pride – this is the first step towards mutual understanding;
  • Tell your chosen one more often about your feelings, just don’t turn such conversations into a showdown, which can end in another conflict;
  • Prayers from quarrels in the family need to be read more than once. It is advisable to do this several times a day.

The last advice concerns communication with the Higher Forces in general.

Turning to the Heavenly Patrons will help you in many ways:

  • You will begin to see not only the shortcomings and guilt of your soulmate, but also your own, and this is the first step towards combating them;
  • You will begin to better understand your chosen one, to see his virtues;
  • You will become kinder, fairer, more patient;
  • The Higher Forces will give you the wisdom to act deliberately, correctly.

Your family is your support, your support. Its construction and maintenance of peace and prosperity in it is a big and, at times, hard work. Prayer from quarrels in the family will help create a prosperous atmosphere in the house, but do not forget that all its members should also make an effort.

Have you asked the Heavenly Patrons for peace in your home? Tell us about it in the comments.

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