10 simple tips for a cold

As the winter months approach, many of us start taking stimulants to ward off colds and flu. Sometimes preventive measures do not help, and viruses and bacteria overcome the body. If you are tired, sleep deprived, drink little, then susceptibility to colds increases. When overcome by a runny nose and cough, use ten tips for a speedy recovery.

  1. Water. Sufficient hydration of the body is always important, but especially during a cold. If the temperature rises, you need to drink a lot so that toxins are removed from the body. Water also helps soften and remove mucus.

  2. Mint leaves. Mint is easy to winterize if it grows in your garden. Peppermint and coconut oil can be used to make a natural balm that is very effective for colds. They rub the chest and legs, and it relieves the symptoms of a cold, relaxes, clears the airways, promotes deep sleep.

  3. Sleep. You need to go to bed earlier, then recovery will come faster. Close the book, turn off the TV, laptop, light and sleep will come by itself.

  4. Med. The benefits of honey for colds are well known, but it would be dishonest not to mention it. Honey soothes an irritated throat and is also a natural antibiotic. Including honey in the diet is easy – just eat with a spoon, add to tea, hot milk, smoothies.

  5. Fruit. When overcome by a cold, the appetite, as a rule, disappears. Fruit is the ideal food for the sick. They give the body a significant infusion of vitamins that help in the fight against viruses.

  6. Probiotic yogurt. Natural yogurt with live cultures supports the immune system and kills bacteria in the body. It is sold with berries or nuts, or muesli. Such a product is not bad to have in the arsenal of the fight against infection.

  7. Berries. Even in the form of jam, they are rich in antioxidants that help flush out toxins from the body. This is a good snack and addition to other dishes.

  8. Tea. As we have said before, mint grows like a weed. Also chamomile. The leaves of both plants are washed, boiled for several minutes and drunk, it is possible with honey. If you do not grow herbs, you can buy them at the pharmacy.

  9. Garlic. Garlic is valued for its antibiotic properties. It is better to use it raw. Grind, mix with ground cloves and swallow quickly with water.

  10. Smoothies. As already mentioned, the appetite is suppressed during a cold, and smoothies are the perfect refreshment. You can drink several different cocktails per day, giving fuel to the immune system. And the ideal solution would be to make a smoothie with the above ingredients.

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