Taking care of the body: how to help the body during and after training

We share with you from the best trainers who train with maximum efficiency, not forgetting to carefully take care of their body and mind.

Try breathing exercises

“During a set, I work with my breath. I try to practice 4-7-8 breathing [breathe for four seconds, hold for seven, then exhale for eight] a couple of times an hour to reduce stress and regulate the parasympathetic nervous system.” – Matt Delaney, Innovation Coordinator and Trainer Club Equinox in New York.

Be the best version of yourself

“It took me years, but I sincerely view fitness as an opportunity to be the best version of myself, to build myself and let my strengths guide me, looking at weaknesses with a sense of compassion. When I need to rest during a heavy series of exercises, everything is fine. I’m stronger than a year ago, isn’t it? It’s much better to push yourself to “yes, I can” than to be afraid of failing or feeling like you’re not good enough if you don’t do what you want to. The game of your mind influences how you feel emotionally and how you perform physically, so I always make sure my inner voice is in control, ready for the challenge, but ready to celebrate every moment of the work I’ve done.” – Emily Walsh, instructor at the SLT club in Boston.

Warm up, cool down and drink

“I take care of my body by doing a dynamic warm-up before any workout and a good stretch after. I also always have water with me to stay hydrated.” – Michelle Lovitt, California coach

Exit instagram at the gym

“The biggest self-care I can do during a workout is to let my mind be 100% in the workout. I had to make it a rule that I don’t answer emails, check social media, and don’t chat during my workout. If I can truly enjoy exercise, my life is fantastic.” – Holly Perkins, Founder of Women`s Strength Nation, an online fitness platform.

Ask yourself why are you doing this

“During training, I always ask myself why I am doing this, what I am achieving and how it makes me feel. I’m not a numbers-driven person, so I track my progress and motivate myself to keep going.” – Eli Reimer, lead instructor at the club in Boston.

Tune in to your body

“The best way to take care of yourself while exercising is to be aware of and listen to your body. Don’t ignore his signals. I stretch all the muscles I work with during my workout and try to see a massage therapist once a month if possible.” – Scott Weiss, physical therapist and trainer in New York.

Wear your favorite uniform

“I think about what I wear. I know it sounds silly, but when I feel good about my clothes and find the right accessories for my workout, I will go all out. If I wear something that doesn’t fit me, is too tight or consists of thin fabrics (like yoga clothes), the workout will fail.” – Reimer.


“I am very devoted to my meditation, which I do in the morning and in the evening. It literally keeps my head normal. It is very important for me to work on my internal dialogue and remind myself to talk to other people with support and love. I can snap very quickly if I don’t keep an eye on it. But when I am on my way, my mental attitude really helps me live a happier life and achieve more every day. And my body is thriving.” – Perkins

Keep a diary

“Every morning I write in my gratitude journal listing the three things I have been grateful for in the last 24 hours, and I also read the Journey to the Heart book that a friend gave me. It helps my head get in the right mindset before starting a busy day and I start to feel a lot calmer.” – Emily Abbat, Certified Trainer


“Photography is my self-help. I made it my hobby a couple of years ago and it’s been a part of my daily routine ever since. It gives me the opportunity to get away from my usual schedule and get a little lost in the world around me. It also helped me move away from technology, because my eyes are always looking for interesting shots and are no longer following the phone.” – Delaney

Get Organized

“I keep my work, home and training area clean and tidy. Having no clutter has been proven to help you achieve more and improve your goals.” – Weiss

Do a self-check on Sunday

“Ask yourself every Sunday, “What will I do to take care of my mind and body this week? Can I add something to my daily routine that will allow me to relax? Can I remove something that no longer suits me? Recovery and rest is the often forgotten third leg of the three-legged chair. When we take care of ourselves internally and note the changes that benefit our health, we leave our workouts and enter into personal and work life, rest and recovery.” – Alicia Agostinelli

eat well

“My self-care outside of training is to eat healthy, organic, and unprocessed foods. It’s so important to my energy levels, mental functioning and clarity during my busy weeks of working with myself and my clients.” – Lovitt

Do something every day that brings you joy

“I rely on a lot of different methods besides exercise to stay stress-free and take care of myself. I write in my diary, watch good movies, go for walks and take photos. I make sure to include some activity in my daily life that brings me joy and satisfaction.” – Sarah Coppinger, Cycling Instructor.

Get up earlier

“During the week, I set my alarm 45 minutes to an hour before I really need to get up so I can enjoy some quiet time, have a cup of ground coffee, enjoy a healthy breakfast, and write in my diary. I am a small business owner and my days can be long and chaotic. In the morning I give myself some attention. It allows me to start the day off a little slower.” – Becca Lucas, owner of Barre & Anchor.

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