Sweet potatoes: how to cook sweet potatoes? Video


Sweet potatoes: how to cook sweet potatoes? Video

Everyone is accustomed to traditionally using potatoes as a side dish for main courses, adding them to salads or soups. But what a surprise to many is the sweet type of potato called sweet potato. How to cook this root vegetable and how can it be useful?

How to cook sweet potatoes

The homeland of sweet potato is South America – it was there that it was first cultivated 500 years ago. Interestingly, the root vegetable can be not only white, like ordinary potatoes, but also pink and orange.

Benefits of sweet potatoes

This unusual root vegetable not only has an original taste. Among other things, sweet potatoes are very useful for the body. First, sweet potatoes are rich in antioxidants, which can help boost your immune system and also have a positive effect on your figure. Secondly, sweet potatoes lower cholesterol levels. This is important, given that most of the products that a modern person uses, on the contrary, cause an increase. The sweet root vegetable is recommended to be included in the diet of pregnant women, as it is a source of folic acid.

Depending on the color, sweet potato fruits are subdivided into fodder, vegetable and dessert. The former are watery and least sweet, such as white root vegetables. Yellow or orange are already sweeter, they belong to vegetables. And pink are the sweetest and are considered dessert.

The most important useful property that this potato possesses is the ability to positively influence the dynamics of weight loss. Sweet potato is a supplier of complex carbohydrates that give the body energy and a sense of fullness, and in addition, the root vegetable improves digestion and speeds up metabolism.

Cooking this unusual root vegetable is not difficult. Many different dishes can be made from it, including desserts. The simplest option is puree. You need to cook it in the same way as usual, from unsweetened potatoes. You can add sugar, cinnamon or vanilla to the finished dish. Such an unusual puree will certainly appeal to children.

Sweet potato chips can be made from sweet potatoes, which are much healthier and tastier than purchased ones. The root vegetable is cut into thin slices and laid out on a greased baking sheet, and then sent to the oven until tender.

Ready-made chips can be sprinkled with powdered sugar or prepare a sauce for them by grinding berries, sour cream and sugar in a blender

You can also make soup or casserole from sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes go well with foods such as chicken, corn, pineapple, honey, and ginger. Familiar dishes will sparkle with new colors and delight with exquisite and original taste.

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