“Soft Sign” recommends: coffee traditions in a new reading


Making coffee is a separate art form. This drink captivates with its unique aroma and deep taste, inspires like no other. We offer you to succumb to this inspiration and create your own coffee fantasy in reality. Don’t forget to take a photo of your creativity and share beautiful pictures on social networks. The secrets of mastery are shared by the brand “Soft Sign”.

Step 1: Coffee sketch

The background for our composition should breathe calmness and adjust to a calming mood. Gray, pearl or bluish with a soft purple tint — this is quite a harmonious combination. No clear lines and fancy details. The main focus here, of course, will be a manual coffee grinder, filled to the top with coffee beans. This simple, but win-win touch gives birth to a tempting and so familiar fragrance in the imagination. Scatter some coffee beans around the coffee grinder to create a little animation and a sense of creative disorder.

Step 2: A little sweet charm

Although it is customary to drink coffee without sugar, sometimes you can still make an exception to the rule. The main thing is to choose it correctly. Cane sugar in large cubes looks tempting in itself. You can emphasize the delicate caramel shade and play on the soft contrast of colors. To do this, transfer the sugar cubes to a snow-white sugar bowl with a dark brown border. Complete the composition with a pair of paper napkins. Only here you need to work a little with scissors. Make the edges of the napkins round and add fringes along the very edge.

Step 3: Snow-white harmony

It remains for a small matter — to fill the cups with fragrant freshly brewed coffee. Put them on the round napkins that we just cut out. Use two-layer napkins “Soft sign” — it is convenient and pleasant to work with them. Several interesting details will look very good here. Put a bag filled with snow-white meringues next to the cups. Put a metal milk jug with cream next to it. And put delicious marshmallows on an openwork saucer — vanilla and chocolate-coated. Another touching touch is a sprig of gypsophila with fragile white flowers on thin dry twigs.

Remember the coffee traditions and create your own. The brand “Soft Sign”will help to awaken the imagination and implement the most successful ideas.

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