“Soft sign” invites: we arrange country gatherings


Gatherings at the dacha with the whole family or a group of friends are a special pleasure. I want to keep the memory of the most pleasant moments as long as possible. We offer you to do this right now and create a thematic composition with your own hands. Don’t forget to take a picture of her for social networks. The brand “Soft Sign”will tell you how to make pictures original and with an artistic twist.

Step 1: there’s a village spirit

Let’s start with the simplest-the general background on which our idea will come to life. An ordinary wooden table with small cracks and scuffs from time is exactly what we need. Put a canvas napkin, folded several times, as if accidentally left on it. And spread a small bunch of dry ears on top of it. You will immediately have a hint of rustic flavor. A couple of expressive details will help to strengthen it. Put a large opened cone on the table and scatter several mature large acorns nearby.

Step 2: sweet harvest to the table

If we are talking about country gatherings, then there is no way to do without a harvest from your own backyard garden. Put a few large red apples on a canvas napkin, and put a vase with fresh raspberries next to it. If you want, you can even arrange a little entertainment. And we will do it with the help of paper towels. Fold a plane out of one of these towels and write “Come for tea!”. Send an unusual message to the neighbors right behind the fence and wait for guests to appear on the threshold. A fun summer tea party is provided for you.

Step 3: Still life in all colors

A generous summer harvest is a significant reason for pride. Why not make it a part of our composition? Put apples in a fruit basket, and next to them a pair of pumpkins: a pot-bellied orange and an elongated one with yellow and green stripes. You can put paper airplanes with invitations here. We will make them out of paper towels “Soft sign”, so that they fly smoothly and just please the eye. At the end, you can add some sentimental touch. For example, a picture faded from time with chirping birds, which brings up so many pleasant memories.

Country gatherings are like a balm for the soul, especially for an exhausted city dweller. The Soft Sign brand has made sure that everyone, without exception, likes them and will be remembered for a long time.

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