Satisfied and satisfied. What to feed an omnivorous man?

There is an opinion that men definitely need meat, but experience shows that they do not need meat, but a certain quality of food. The meat, in itself, does not have a bright taste, the method of preparation gives it a taste. But on the other hand, it has a certain texture, and, by the way, it is very difficult to reproduce it. But the most important thing is the saturation and grounding that meat food gives. You can just create it by preparing vegetarian dishes for your husband. This will help him to be active, self-confident, sometimes tough, disciplined, work hard physical labor and in stressful conditions. Meat copes with this task due to its density, nutritional value, and, most importantly, the hormonal and energy background left over from the animal. 

You can argue for a long time whether your man needs such a dubious dope in the form of a suicide hormonal cocktail. But our business is different: to cook in such a way that the food gives a similar effect without the use of meat. This is achieved with the help of dense, hard, hot, spicy and salty foods. 

Density. We cook at least once a day. Of course, men need both cereals and soups, but the main dish must be dense in order to replace meat. The most dense vegetarian foods commonly available that can compete with meat are paneer and legumes. Below is a recipe for homemade Paneer cheese and chickpea cutlets, which even meat-eaters usually love very much. 

Chickpea cutlets. Soak chickpeas (or ordinary peas) overnight, rinse and chop in a blender in the morning, with a couple of tablespoons of flour, spices, salt, a small amount of vegetable oil. Blind cutlets and fry or bake in the oven (in this case, you need to add a little oil to the “minced meat”).

Paneer (Edege cheese). Bring a liter of milk to a boil and add the juice of half a lemon. Stir a little until the whey becomes transparent and milky “clouds” form. Let’s stand for 15 minutes. Then we decant and wring out in gauze. We put it under load and in an hour we get a wonderful cheese that can be stewed, fried and, of course, eaten raw. 

It is desirable that the food be firm and even crunchy in places.

Hard cheeses work well for this purpose, just make sure they use microbiological rennet. Various breadings can be used to create a crispy crust. One of them is in the recipe below.

Crispy breading. Mix flour with water for batter and separately mix oatmeal with salt and spices. Dip a piece first in batter, then in flakes and fry in hot oil. 

Fried or baked food is best for our purposes. Today, there are ways to fry with little or no oil. It is better to eat fried food around noon – at this time the fire of digestion can easily cope with it. We serve hot food.

It is very important that a man, in the absence of contraindications, has in his diet. The simplest thing you can use is hot spices: pepper (black, cayenne, green), mustard, ginger and various mixtures. And sauces: chili, mustard, horseradish, wasabi, etc. 

Spicy sweet and sour sauce. Mix applesauce with hot spices, salt, sweetener, butter and simmer a little. 

A salty taste is also necessary for a man, but you need to use the right salt. Ideal marine. 

You can also cook an interesting and healthy seasoning. Mix the roasted sesame seeds with salt and grind in a coffee grinder. Can stand on the table as a substitute for salt. Suitable for any food. 

We figured out what food should be in order to cope with its task and create the condition necessary for a man. 

Below is a list of products that will come to your rescue and bring special satisfaction to the potential vegetarian:



– the secret

-onion and garlic


Now let’s talk about how to make sure that the husband does not miss the meat. It is worth mentioning that, as a rule, substitutes, such as soy, are good only for vegetarians, but they often do not satisfy meat eaters. 

The first secret is! Most vegetarian dishes do not require long preparation, and your spouse will be pleasantly surprised if you make two or three types of salads, sauces, appetizers. Below are some simple recipes for every day: 

Sauce “Pesto”. All kinds of greens that you have, chop, mix with salt and vegetable (or butter) oil. You can add grated cheese. 

Cream cheese recipewhich is a great sauce. 2 parts fat sour cream (more than 20%), 1 part yogurt (can be fatter ~ 7%) mixed together, add a generous pinch of salt. Put on gauze, place in a sieve so that the whey drains, you can put a load on top and put it in the cold for 6-8 hours. 

Milk sauce. Fry the spices in vegetable or butter, pour in milk mixed with flour (a tablespoon per half liter) and spices, you can add ready-made vegetables or mushrooms, herbs and simmer until thick.

You can add density to green salads with the help of seeds and nuts. It is very tasty to roast sunflower seeds and add them to salads. 

The second secret is. The rich world of spices is usually underestimated in meat cooking – laurel, salt and black pepper are traditionally used. We can create a truly amazing bouquet of flavors using spices. You can pick up spices specifically for the needs of your husband: for his health, psychological state, and even dreams and goals. But this is a topic for a separate article. Here I especially want to talk about such a wonderful find for any vegetarian as smoked paprika – it will give any dish a meat flavor. 

A little secret: in order for the spices to reveal all their properties and taste, they need to be fried for half a minute in a dry frying pan or in oil. First we put the leaves and hard spices, then the powders. 

The third secret is In meat cooking, the main thing is the meat itself. You need to gently distract your spouse from this. Come up with a few signature dishes, some of your chips. For example, replace bread with tortillas, which you will cook right before serving, so that they are always hot. It is very tasty, attractive and healthier than bread. Or, for example, make it a rule to prepare tasty and healthy drinks, such as ginger. And you are constantly in the process of creative growth – study the cuisine of different countries, look for new recipes and secrets. 

Ginger drink. In a blender, grind a lemon, a piece of ginger without removing the peel. Add honey, spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, sage, cardamom, etc.). Serve chilled in summer, simmer a little in winter. 

And yet the most important secret is this. Often, when preparing meat, housewives “sin” using semi-finished products, cooking in a hurry, lack of serving and eating on the run. All this is not suitable if we want to instill in a person a love for a new style of eating. Let the meal become a pleasant and family-unifying ritual. It is necessary to create an atmosphere in which a person will enjoy eating, wait for it and rejoice. Cook with trepidation and love, realizing that this food will become the cells of the body of your loved ones. Set the table, serve dishes beautifully, turn on music that helps digestion. Let the art of cooking be your way of expressing love. Your main contribution to the fate of loved ones and your boundless field for creativity! 

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