Vegetarian Raisin: Dates + Bonus Recipe

The sweet fruit of persimmon is the national fruit of Japan, and it is also considered its homeland. In 1607, English captain John Smith wrote jokingly about persimmons: .

Although planted on purpose, persimmons can often be found growing wild or on abandoned croplands. The persimmon tree is often found along roads, in deserted fields, in rural areas. In spring, fragrant white or greenish-yellow flowers bloom on the tree, which turn into fruit in September-November. When fully ripe, the fruit falls from the tree. Persimmon is eaten not only by people, but also by animals such as deer, raccoons, marsupial rats and foxes.

The fruit is one of the few associated with fighting off breast cancer cells without harming healthy cells. Scientists attribute this effect to the flavonoid fisetin, which is present in some fruits and vegetables, but especially in persimmons.

Ripe persimmon fruit is very rich in water and consists of 79% of it. Persimmon is 40 times richer in vitamin A than an apple. The content of vitamin C varies from 7,5 to 70 mg per 100 g of pulp, depending on the variety. It also contains various biologically active substances: vitamins A, C, E, K, complex B, minerals – zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, which are necessary for healthy human functioning.

The first comparative study of persimmons and apples in the fight against atherosclerosis took place at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. – This is the conclusion of the researcher Shela Gorinshtein, a researcher at the Department of Medical Chemistry at the Hebrew University. According to the study, persimmons are also richer in key phenolic antioxidants. Persimmons have higher levels of sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and manganese, while apples have higher concentrations of copper and zinc.

The main countries supplying persimmons are.

A few facts:

1) The persimmon tree can give the first fruits after about 7 years 2) Fresh and dried persimmon leaves are used in tea 3) Persimmon belongs to the family berries 4) In the wild, the persimmon tree lives to 75 years 5) Each fruit is present 12 daily allowance vitamin C.

Unripe Japanese persimmons are full of bitter tannin, an ingredient that is used to brew sake and also… preserve wood. In addition, such fruits are crushed and mixed with water, resulting in

In the Asian market, you can find persimmon-based vinegar. A solution obtained by diluting vinegar with water is considered an excellent drink for weight loss.

And finally… The promised recipe -!

Step 1. Mix 1 cup chopped ripe persimmons with 3 cups of any berries.

Step 2. Add 13 cups of sugar and 12 cups of flour to the berry and persimmon mixture. If you want the cake to be very sweet, take 12 tbsp. Sahara. Optional: you can add 1 tsp. vanilla extract and the same amount of cinnamon.

Step 3. Distribute the resulting mass in a form under the cake. Cover with a sheet of thawed dough (for example, puff pastry or any of your choice).

Step 4. Lightly brush the top of the cake with water or milk, sprinkle with powdered sugar and a little cinnamon.

Step 5. Bake in the oven at 220C for 30-40 minutes.

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