Quail Description

Chicken meat, unlike quail meat, is not a delicacy and is customary on the tables of many families, but quail is considered dietary meat, which in our country was served to the tsar’s table. Indeed, although quail meat is similar in taste to chicken meat, it has many differences and is considered incredibly useful for the human body. Therefore, this product is very fond of athletes and people who monitor their diet, lead a healthy lifestyle.

Features of the composition of quail meat
Quail was previously hunted, now birds are bred on special farms in many countries of the world.

Quail meat is special, you can cook a lot of delicious dishes from it, up to gourmet dishes. The carcass of this small bird weighs only about 150 grams, is only twenty centimeters long, but it is a valuable product, as it is enriched with various minerals, vitamins and pure protein, among them:

  • quail fillet contains 22% of pure protein, which is extremely valuable for athletes who monitor their diet;
  • in 100 gr. the product is only 230 kcal, which indicates the low calorie content of the product. Therefore, the meat of this bird can and should be safely consumed during a diet;
  • contains a lot of different vitamins: A, H, K, D, as well as a number of B vitamins;
  • minerals that make up the product: copper, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, etc.;
  • very low in bad cholesterol. This indicator is especially important for athletes, as well as people with atherosclerosis and the need to lower blood cholesterol levels;
  • the presence of various amino acids in meat, among them: arginine, histidine, etc. Amino acids are important components for the health and development of the body, athletes know about their benefits firsthand, therefore they prefer quail meat rather than chicken.

Calorie content and composition of quail

  • Caloric content 230 kcal 14.96%
  • Proteins 18.2 g 19.78%
  • Fat 17.3 g 25.82%
  • Carbohydrates 0.4 g 0.29%
  • Dietary fiber 0 g 0%
  • Water 63 g

7 interesting facts about quail

Interesting facts about quail. Ovomucoid protein, which is used for the production of antiallergic drugs, treats allergies.

Quail eggs do not cause allergies
Quail eggs are superior to Viagra. According to various experts, eggs are one of the most powerful stimulants of potency, they are superior in effectiveness to Viagra.

There are no spoiled quail eggs in nature. Because they contain a valuable amino acid – lysozyme, which prevents the development of microflora. Therefore, quail eggs can be stored at room temperature. In addition, lysozyme is capable of destroying the membrane of bacterial cells, and therefore allows you to fight cancer cells.

Quail is not susceptible to salmonellosis and other diseases inherent in chickens. That allows you to fearlessly use them raw. They restore the body well after operations, heart attack.

Japanese students eat two quail eggs before class. Japanese scientists have brought a child who eats two quail eggs a day, has a better memory, a strong nervous system, sharp eyesight, develops better and is less sick.

Quail eggs are cholesterol free. They purify the blood, normalize blood pressure, increase hemoglobin, and intensively remove radionuclides from the body. The amino acid tyrosine is essential in cosmetics and maintains a healthy complexion. Eggs are especially useful for children to improve development, both physical and mental.

Quail eggs can cure infertility. It is recommended to include them in the daily diet of pregnant women, since they help to significantly improve well-being in case of toxicosis, saturate the body with amino acids, vitamins and microorganisms necessary for recovery in the postnatal period, and also increase the amount of milk.

Health benefits of Quail Meat

The benefits of quail


Due to such a rich and balanced composition, quail meat contributes to:

  • decrease in body weight with the receipt of a number of essential vitamins and minerals;
  • promotes muscle growth, being a source of protein necessary for muscle growth;
  • accelerates the process of tissue recovery after injuries, as well as restoration of strength after heavy physical exertion, supplying the body with the necessary energy and proteins;
  • a number of trace elements can improve the work of the cardiovascular system, lower cholesterol levels, protect against the development of anemia and other pathologies;
  • easy digestibility of the product makes it indispensable not only during the diet, but also for people with diabetes, suffering from pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas.

Quail meat does not overload the digestive tract, does not create a large load on the pancreas, it can be an excellent option for a proper dinner for those who support the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle.

The presence of vitamin D in a complex with B vitamins helps to protect children from the development of diseases such as rickets. The PP vitamins contained in quail meat serve as a prophylaxis against gout.

Based on the composition of the meat, as well as the benefits that its use for the body, experts unequivocally believe that quails are much healthier than chicken meat.

The product has no contraindications, does not cause an allergic reaction and is harmless even for young children. A contraindication to use can only be considered an individual intolerance to the product.

The harm of quail meat

The product has no contraindications, very rarely there are cases of intolerance. It is not recommended to use too often and in large quantities: indigestion and diarrhea are possible.

Taste qualities

Quail meat tastes better than the meat of other domesticated birds. It is tender and juicy with a piquant taste of real game and a delicate aroma. It is not for nothing that quail meat is called the royal food. It takes pride of place on the menu of the most expensive restaurants.

In terms of taste, nutritional and dietary qualities, quail meat surpasses even rabbit, pork and beef.
Young quails (1.5-2 months old) of meat breeds have the most delicious meat.

How to choose quail


When choosing quail meat, you need to be careful to choose a quality product that does not harm the body.

  • The counter and workplace of the seller must be clean.
  • If they are contaminated, then it is quite possible that the meat is kept in the same unsanitary conditions.
  • Quail carcasses must be in the refrigerator.
  • If it is clear that the refrigerator is not working or the quail is just lying in the open air, then you should not take such a product.
  • After all, quails can lie without cooling for more than an hour, they could have deteriorated a long time ago! Frozen meat should contain a minimum of ice.
  • The surface must be dry! Freshness.
  • The meat of fresh quail is always elastic, and if you press on it, a small hole will remain.
  • The presence of a putrid or sour smell indicates that the product is stale and may be hazardous to health.
  • The color of the meat and skin of a fresh carcass is normal, without green or black spots of unknown origin.

Storage of quail meat

Depending on the type of storage, quail meat can be stored for a different amount of time.

  • In the refrigerator, in store-bought, film packaging, quail meat is stored for about 2 days. Then an inert gas accumulates inside, and it quickly deteriorates.
  • If quail meat lies in the refrigerator without packaging, then it will be fresh for 2 weeks, no more.
  • In the freezer, quail meat can keep fresh for several months.

In the refrigerator, in store, film packaging, quail meat is stored for about 2 days


Quail meat is boiled, fried, stewed (with vegetables and buckwheat), pickled. An exquisite delicacy is quail meat, grilled or skewered. To keep the meat juicy, coat it with ghee or sauce before frying. Gourmets will appreciate the smoked quail.

Quail meat is used to prepare soups (with homemade noodles and mushrooms), salads, quail-tobacco, pilaf, roast, casseroles.
Quail salads are characterized by a unique taste. Poultry is a part of this salad “Olivier”.

Stuffed quails will decorate any table. Usually they are stuffed with vegetables, herbs, citrus fruits and lingonberries.
Quail meat is ideally combined with various sauces (sweet, sour, tomato), mushrooms, citrus fruits. Boiled potatoes, rice, buckwheat, stewed and fresh vegetables, legumes and fruits are served as a garnish for meat.

In France, stuffed quails are very fond of. Most often they are stuffed with truffles, oranges, apples and chestnuts. In Asia, pilaf is prepared from birds or stuffed with rice. In Ireland, quail is grilled and topped with sauce. Italians prefer boiled quails, while Greeks prefer fried ones (they are served with olives, lemons and herbs).

Quail baked in the oven



  • 5 pcs quail carcasses
  • 2 pcs onions
  • garlic – 1 head
  • mayonnaise
  • spice
  • salt
  • granular mustard – 2 tbsp. l
  • dill – 1 bunch
  • How to cook
  • Sleeve for baking.


  1. To cook baked quails, first peel the onions and the head of garlic from the husk.
  2. Quail baked in the oven
  3. Then put both onion and garlic in a blender and chop until gruel.
  4. Quail carcasses, if frozen, defrost.
  5. Quail baked in the oven
  6. We rinse them thoroughly under running water.
  7. We rub them with salt and spices, a variety of seasonings that you can choose according to your taste.
  8. Then cover with mayonnaise.
  9. Then mix the onion and garlic chopped into gruel with mustard and coarsely chopped dill.
  10. Quail baked in the oven
  11. This mixture will also rub each carcass.
  12. We will marinate the carcasses under pressure for 2-3 hours.
  13. Quail baked in the oven
  14. When they are well saturated, place them in the baking sleeve.
  15. Quail baked in the oven
  16. We send to the oven.
  17. We set the temperature to 170 degrees.
  18. After the time has passed, open the oven, unfold the bag and close the oven back.
  19. Quail baked in the oven
  20. In this position, the carcasses should be baked for about 10 minutes.
  21. In this case, we increase the temperature to 180 degrees.
  22. Finished baked quails will acquire a characteristic blush.
  23. One of the advantages of this dish, in addition to its high taste and a simple cooking process, is that you can vary the composition of the marinade to your liking, making the carcasses spicy or, on the contrary, tender.
  24. Quail baked in the oven
  25. Choose the options that suit you and enjoy!

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