How to get out of vacation and not go crazy?

End of vacation – bonus days

Most people logically return from a trip 2-3 days before going to work, so as not to run to the office from the gangway. But how to spend these last days of vacation? The body out of habit wants to sleep, lie on the couch and indulge in doing nothing. In this rhythm, he relaxes even more, and the stress of going to work only increases. It is better to do the necessary, but not too tiring things. Clean up (but not general), put together a shelf for the bathroom (but do not start repairs), you can alter a boring dress or decorate an old stool. The main thing is to conduct some kind of creative activity.

Memories will help decorate life

Before going to work, print out photos of the past vacation – let your portraits look at the sunset from the walls of the office and from the monitor screen. Show off to your colleagues a beautiful tan – and you will not notice how you will envy yourself. In your free time, meet old friends, because you didn’t forget to bring them souvenirs from the trip? Experiencing once again the past pleasant period in life, we, as it were, prolong the enjoyment of relaxation.

12 leaf rule

It is unlikely that in your absence someone persistently cleared your desktop and answered e-mails. Yes, and an unknown force did not come to fill the refrigerator with food for a week and wash the laundry. In the early days, it may seem to you that an avalanche of large and small things has fallen and swallowed you up. Psychologists advise the following exercise. Take a lot of small leaves. On each write down one task before you. Then reread them and gradually discard those that do not need increased urgency. Let there be twelve such leaves. These are the things you need to do, throwing out papers as you solve problems. A thought in writing frees the head and gives a sense of order.

We will lose weight later

On vacation, you probably ate well, and the buffet and the delights of the national cuisine have led to the fact that your favorite suit is a little, but bursting at the seams. The slogan “on a diet from Monday” in a particular situation is not suitable. Why exhaust an already shocked body? You can lose weight later, but for now, allow yourself your favorite and healthy dishes – for example, as a reward for another discarded leaflet.

Continuation of rest

Returning to work from vacation does not mean that now the whole life should be filled only with deeds. Having entered the normal rhythm of life, one day off should be devoted entirely to rest. Is there no sea or beach in your city? But there are theaters, sights that you have not seen before. You can go to the country to friends or ride on an excursion to a neighboring town. Such small joyful stages in life give strength to get involved in the work schedule less painfully.

Dreams of the future

Why not start planning your next vacation? Psychologists believe that a long vacation is more chilling than giving a good rest. Break the set days into 2 or even 3 segments. Take brochures, lay them out on the sofa in the evening and dream, make plans, plant a spark of happiness in the future – after all, we work to live, and not vice versa.

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