Properties and benefits of hawk eye – happiness and health


The falcon’s eye is one of the quartzites. It is a quartz aggregate formed from fine fibers. Composed of Krokydolite from hornblende, the stone has a density of 2,64.

It appears in a color varying between blue green and blue gray.

The stone can be found in several places in the world: America, Africa, Asia and Australia. Virtues and therapeutic properties ?

The eye of faucon has a large number of them. In this sense, a few questions arise: what are the benefits of this type of stone? How to charge the crystal? How to use it effectively?

How is the falcon’s eye stone formed?

This type of crystal formed through pseudomorphosis. He suffered various asbestiform inclusions of crocidolite.

Oxidation of the inclusions with the help of iron does not take place, unlike what occurs during the process of formation of the tiger eye. This is why the original bluish gray color is retained.

The crystal can be recovered from deposits in South Africa. Somewhere in India and Burma, we also find hawk eye.

The latter is also found on the American continent, in particular in the Brazilian deposits and those of the United States. Falcon’s eye crystal can also be found in Australia. (1)

Falcon’s eye: what stories and legends?

We are talking here about the stone symbolizing the guardian angel, the one who can see everything.

Let’s talk a little about Ireland! In this country, the hawk eye was seen as a talisman. The Celts believed that this crystal allows for methodical, step-by-step evolution. The stone has a property helping those who wear it in their activities.

In ancient Egypt, and even today, the falcon’s eye is known as the stone of Horus. God of the sky, Horus takes on the appearance of a hawk. The latter signifies elevation of the spirit and physical strength.

Many representations contain the hawk eye. The stone can be found in paintings, prints and jewelry. (2)

Another story in Peru: animals benefit from the benefits of crystal. The shamans believed that the stone brings spiritual help to the beasts. With a hawk eye, the animal spirit of cattle gradually evolves into the more advanced human spirit.


From all these stories, the hawk eye is currently used as an important tool in litotherapy. The stone gains an important place in the eyes of therapists, thanks to its properties and virtues.

In jewelry, hawk eye necklaces or bracelets are very popular with a wide audience. (3)

The hawk eye and its benefits

Properties and benefits of hawk eye – happiness and health


The virtues of the stone on the physical plane are quite considerable. However, the Hawk Eye does not limit its powers in this regard. It exercises therapeutic abilities on our emotional and spiritual sides.

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From a physical point of view

Effects on the eyes

The falcon eye stone has a positive effect on the human organ of sight. It helps improve your visual abilities, whether you are young or older. Crystal has a beneficial effect on the eyes.

When your eyes are in pain from a hard day’s work in front of the screen, hawk eye calms them down. The irritated sight organs enjoy the energy emitted by the stone.


Stop migraines

We sometimes see cases of transient migraines, but repeated. The crystal reaches and calms our nervous systems. This helps to get rid of these migraines. Falcon eye also cures chronic headaches.

It has a soothing virtue that makes our organs more peaceful.

Cure respiratory diseases

The crystal is an ally of asthmatics. People with breathing difficulties have recourse to the Falcon Eye Stone. This distributes the force it contains throughout the human body.

The respiratory organs are then better freed. With a hawk eye, it is more likely to avoid asthma attacks.

The voice and those around it

Stone of the singers and stone of the speakers are peculiarities of the hawk eye. The stone improves the voice. It relieves the hoarse patches of fatigue.

Bronchitis and other diseases attached to the bronchi are also soothed. The crystal emits waves calming inflammation.

Blood flow

As soon as it comes to health problems related to the circulation of the blood, the stone can relieve them. Wearing a hawk eye crystal improves blood flow. This type of stone stimulates good circulation in all our organs.

Heavy legs can therefore be lightened by the hawk eye.

Properties and benefits of hawk eye – happiness and health

On an emotional level

Fight fear

Are you afraid of everything and nothing? Try the hawk eye stone. It emits a kind of energy which helps to overcome this negative feeling. Sometimes we develop unconscious fears that undermine our potential for success.

The crystal delivers us from these apprehensions.

Control the emotions

The crystal increases our faculties of mastery of thoughts. It helps people who are easily distracted. The hawk eye also helps control emotions. Do you occasionally feel feelings of sadness for no good reason?

The stone can set you free. Hypersensitive individuals improve thanks to the calm surrounding the hawk eye.

More insurance

Lack of self-confidence is a crystal healed problem. By wearing this crystal with positive energy, you increase your sense of self-confidence.

The falcon is one of the birds of strength and courage. The falcon eye stone therefore gives more courage to the wearer.

Get rid of shyness

This type of crystal is suitable for shy personalities. It helps fight shyness with its positive force. If you feel like you are never sure about yourself, now is the time to resort to the Falcon Eye Stone.

Willpower and self-confidence develop thanks to the wave emitted by the stone.

Be more understanding

Criticizing others is an attitude we can all adopt. Yet this is becoming overkill for some. The stone helps to get rid of this bad habit.

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It allows us to control our desires to make others feel guilty. Its positive force grants us an ability to understand others.

Coping with nervousness

When you are nervous or scared, do your hands tremble openly? The hawk eye stone calms these nervous imbalances. It exerts a positive force on the system which becomes more reassured.

The tremors of the hands or other parts of the body are then better controlled.

Benefits on the mind

More creativity

People who work in the field of creation and styling generally need the virtues of the hawk eye stone. It is the same for artists of all kinds.

Crystal allows you to be more sensitive to ideas. It increases creativity, thanks to the charged energy of the moon.

Pay attention to others

We all need to be more careful. Listening skills are lacking in some. The stone has this virtue. Wearing the hawk eye or having it close to you helps to feel more stability in listening to the interlocutors.

You can have an awareness of your own personality and that of the other.

More flexibility

Do you know someone who is too rigid, who does not accept to tolerate on any point? Having him wear a hawk eye stone might make the individual less rigid.

The crystal makes the animal spirit evolve towards the human spirit. However, it also changes the human mind from stiffness to a more flexible mind.

More concentration

Prayer and meditation activities are often accompanied by appropriate tools. The hawk eye stone is one such meditation device. It improves our ability to concentrate.

It opens our minds to a larger vision.


The crystal prompts the person who wears it, or who is around it, to be more sincere. It emits a wave of responsibility towards ourselves and towards our loved ones.

The stone, when properly charged, repels negative energies that can attract bad situations as well as harmful people. (4)

How to load the stone?

Properties and benefits of hawk eye – happiness and health

When you have purchased a Hawk Eye, it is not very safe to use it immediately after purchase. Precautions are to be followed before using it so that the effects are adapted to your expectations.

It is then necessary to go through a deprogramming of the stone. Before using a Falcon’s Eye Crystal, you must clean it. This makes it possible to remove the energies accumulated previously. These can be negative, which will be harmful for you.

It is possible to clean the crystal with running water. You can do this in pure, clear spring water. Alternatively, prepare salted distilled water.

Immerse your stone in this solution for two or three hours. This step completed, you will have the assurance that the previous waves in the stone have moved away.

You can now proceed to programming your crystal. Sunbathing recharges the hawk eye. Solar heat charges the crystal with positive energies.

A cluster of quartz is also a good way to reload. Place your stone on the cluster for a few hours.

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Buy your hawk eye stone

Falcon’s eye stones vary according to their original deposits and their mining qualities. You can then find stones accessible by most, such as crystal at a very high price.

The ordinary hawk eye is present in the market. You can acquire it at a nominal cost. Then there are the infrequent stones, more expensive than the ordinary model.

Rare Falcon’s Eye Crystal is even more expensive and difficult to find. Some models are difficult to access, given their exorbitant prices.

So whatever your budget, you have the opportunity to treat yourself to a hawk eye, in order to improve your health and well-being.

Possible combination with other stones

Properties and benefits of hawk eye – happiness and health

Tiger eye and hawk eye: a good combination! If the hawk eye eliminates our fears and ensures more self-confidence, the tiger eye develops our intelligence.

It makes more optimistic and stabilizes the mind. The tiger eye facilitates the tasks of the digestive organs. Lower abdomen pain is relieved thanks to its energies.

Combined, tiger eye and hawk eye allow you to be more tolerant. The elixir broadens the way of seeing in an applied intelligence. Both stones help the individual to have self-confidence while being indulgent with loved ones.

How do you use the Falcon Eye Stone?

Do you have a little corner of wealth in your living room? You can place your Falcon Eye crystal on it. The stone spreads its energy throughout the room. Falcon’s eye pieces serve as both decoration in the vases.

During your meditation sessions, hold the stone in your hands. The crystal pushes you to full concentration. You can also hold the hawk eye during your prayers.

So that the positive waves reach you everywhere, put the stone in your pocket or in your wallet. The hawk eye will give you more self-confidence. It helps to eliminate your shyness and insecurity.

When you have a migraine, lie down. Place the stone between the right eye and the left eye. Then let its energy calm your discomfort and improve your blood circulation.

So that you never run out of ideas at work, put a small bin on your desk. Put your stones in it so that you can feel the creative energies they emit.

It also has a calming effect on your eyes. They will be less tired at the end of the day.

Thus, the hawk eye was already appreciated in ancient times. The pharaohs of Egypt, the Peruvians, the Irish used stone to improve their lives. The crystal has confirmed therapeutic virtues.

Its qualities are not limited only on the physical level. The energies emitted by the hawk eye reach our emotions and spiritualities.

You can then acquire your stone, clean it and use it. The hawk eye finds its place in offices, at home or in pockets and wallets. It can be combined with other stones.

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