Properties and benefits of aquamarine – happiness and health


Close to diamonds, aquamarine fascinates with its purity and transparency. Discovered in Brazil, this stone was for a long time the protective stone of sailors. It is also used for protection and faithfulness in marriage.

In addition to its protective powers, aquamarine contains several others benefits in lithotherapy.


From the same family as the emerald, aquamarine is a beryl. Its blue tones are reminiscent of sea water. This justifies its name “Aqua marina”, sea water.

This beryl is a light blue unlike the emerald which is a deep green. Aquamarine crystals from Brazil are the finest selections. They are called “Santa Maria”; undoubtedly because their blue recalls that of the virgin mary.

Originally, the history of aquamarine was intrinsically linked to that of sailors. They wore it during their travels to avoid seasickness. But beyond this reason, the aquamarine was worn more like a talisman.

It was worn during long voyages at sea, to be said to be protected. It was actually worn to protect against the wrath of the god neptune, the god of the sea.

Several ancient civilizations attached special significance to aquamarine.

For the Greeks, this crystal was attached to the sirens of the waters while among the Chinese, this stone was attached to love, compassion and pity.

Among the Mayan peoples, aquamarine was associated with the goddess of motherhood, of procreation (1).

Among Buddhists, aquamarine was used to balance yin and yang.

Among the Roman peoples, aquamarine had the power of reconciliation between individuals including enemies. For this purpose, the effigy of a frog had to be attached to the crystal.

In the middle ages, aquamarine crystals were used for divination. Mediums and magicians held it in their hands during their sessions. Besides, it still has an importance in the esoteric world.

Nowadays, aquamarine is a symbol of loyalty between the newlyweds. For the wedding of Beryl, that is to say 23 years of marriage, think of aquamarine as a wedding gift between spouses.

Properties and benefits of aquamarine – happiness and health


Benvenuto Cellini was a 16th-century Italian goldsmith who owed his survival to the bright white seawater.

Hated for his frankness and his current of thought, some of his enemies took him prisoner in his workshop for the purpose of forcing him to consume a dish sprinkled with ground diamond in order to assassinate him.

Diamond powder is recognized for its harmful effects when consumed internally. His enemies had planned to assassinate him this way to make the public believe that it was more of a suicide.


However, Benvenuto Cellini, very fine, instead crushed a bright white marine sharp in place of the diamond. White beryls look like diamonds.

Cellini who knew the properties of the various gemstones knew that this crystal, unlike diamond, could not kill it because beryl rejuvenates rather.


The gem mines of Brazil were the first to supply aquamarines. The crystals from these mines are the most beautiful and the most expensive. Next to Brazil, you have the mines of Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, France, Madagascar, Zambia, Mozambique, Nigeria, India and Mexico.


The largest aquamarine was discovered in Brazil in 1980. It is 10 carats, weighs 363 kilos and measures 2 cm in height. His name is Dom Pedro in reference to the Brazilian emperors at the time. This crystal was deposited in the Museum of Natural History in Washington.


Beryls are crystals generally with shades of blue and green. Beryls are considered valuable gemstones.

Aquamarine comes from igneous rocks. These are volcanic “lava” flows that occur inside the earth.

This stone is type I. Which means that transparency is very important for the quality of the stone. There should be no inclusion in the crystal.

Aquamarine is essentially composed of aluminum silicate and beryllium.

The light blue color of aquamarine is due to the presence of iron flakes in the crystal. Depending on the amount of iron, the shades of blue vary (2).

Properties and benefits of aquamarine – happiness and health

Some varieties of aquamarine

You have different varieties of aquamarine. Beyond the transparency of aquamarine, the choice of color is a matter of taste and not of price or rarity. Here is a non-exhaustive list of these stones.

  • The deep blue Santa Maria. This aquamarine is the most prized. It comes from mines in Brazil, but tends to become scarce because of their overexploitation.

This aquamarine is a deep blue. The iron concentration is higher. However, the Santa Maria is found in Mozambique and Nigeria. These stones are nicknamed the santa maria africana.

  • The aquamarine sao domingo in pastel blue color,
  • The aquamarine Santa teresa of a turquoise blue,
  • The rich mouth of a blue-green lagoon,
  • The azul pedra of a deep and intense blue,
  • Cat’s eye or star aquamarine are rare and very expensive species.

Physical and emotional benefits

Preserve the love of the loved one

Aquamarine by its clarity, spiritually brings purity and clarity in your romantic relationships. It is given as a wedding ring to symbolize fidelity and love in marriage.

Rightly, the 23rd year of marriage is called the beryl wedding anniversary, as if to mark years of love and loyalty. To protect the love in your relationship, offer aquamarine jewelry.

Against anxiety

If you are anxious, if you have stage fright, often wear aquamarine medals, bracelets or necklaces. You can also put it on your bedside table.

Hold this stone in your hands during your meditations to work your chakras. It will help you free yourself from anxieties and stress.

To undertake

Aquamarine allows you to see beyond the present. It helps predict the future. Mediums use it in their practices to reveal what the future hides. It allows you to see life in the face.

This crystal is used to boost business success. Wear this crystal more often if you are an entrepreneur or looking for clarity in your life, your future.

To give yourself courage

Sailors use it as a talisman not only to protect themselves from the gods of the sea; but also to give oneself courage in the face of this vast expanse of water that is the sea.

Where everything seems impossible, lost, difficult, aquamarine will give you the courage to face and brave difficulties.

She purifies bad thoughts

Aquamarine is considered a stone of refreshment. Like the color of the sea, this stone brings refreshment just like water. It was used in the Middle Ages to purify negative energies, negative thoughts, tensions in relationships.

Refresh your brain by wearing this beautiful stone.

Stimulate joy and peace

Aquamarine was used by the Romans to create peace with neighbors and even their enemies. This stone would attract positive waves in your relationships with others.

It also brings you peace, enthusiasm, happiness. If you are often anxious, get this crystal to stimulate in you peace, joy (3).

Against styes

If you have a stye, use a compress soaked in aquamarine water. This will make the stye disappear.

To stop tearing, rinse your face with aquamarine water three times a day.

Against toothache

Among the Celtic (ancient Indo-European languages), aquamarine was worn as a necklace to alleviate toothache, or to protect against it.

Even today, aquamarine water is used to fight against dental pain. Immerse your compress in the seawater elixir. Place it on your tooth so that the properties of this stone act against the pain.

Properties and benefits of aquamarine – happiness and health

To stimulate salivation

For some people, it becomes difficult to salivate when they are sick. To prevent the dry mouth which will in turn lead to thirst, place an aquamarine in your mouth if you have trouble salivating. The properties of this crystal will stimulate the salivary glands and therefore your salivation.

In the case of surgical procedures, for example, place an aquamarine in the patient’s mouth so that they do not feel thirsty during and after the operation. (4).

Against hot flashes

During menopause and premenopause, hot flashes are common. Place an aquamarine on your 6th chakra, which is the third eye. The third eye is located between the eyebrows.

You can also wear aquamarine jewelry. Continuous contact with your skin will reduce if not make your discomfort disappear.

Protection of the immune system

The elixir, water or aquamarine oil are considered to be effective in protecting the immune system. Indeed the beryllium contained in the crystal would be at the origin of this power.

Against seasickness

In the past, sailors used this crystal as a talisman during their sea voyages. Aquamarine would protect them from seasickness and against the wrath of the sea gods.

It also guaranteed them health and the acquisition of wealth during marine explorations (5).

Against skin problems

Three main foods are made from aquamarine. These are the elixir of aquamarine, aquamarine water and aquamarine oil.

Skin problems can be solved with the help of aquamarine elixir. Some people drink the elixir of aquamarine. It is better to make external uses of it.

For example, wet a compress with this elixir and place it on your acne or other skin problems.

You can rub your skin with the elixir or aquamarine oil for faster effects. Aquamarine contains beryllium which is an anti bacterial.

Protection of the respiratory system

Aquamarine is connected to the crown chakra. The crown chakra is linked to the larynx, to the throat. For respiratory problems, the elixir of aquamarine helps to decongest your airways.

In case of angina, cough, colds, this crystal could stimulate better health.

For the brain

Linked to the crown chakra, the chakra that controls the brain, aquamarine stimulates the intellectual and cognitive capacities of those who possess it. You can wear this crystal or use it in your meditation sessions to stimulate cognitive brain functions.

How to charge it

To clean your aquamarine, use sea water or spring water. This will allow it to be purified in its natural environment.

Avoid using chemicals so as not to alter its shine or create scratches. After soaking it for 1 to 2 hours, clean it with a fine, dry cloth.

To recharge it, use an amethyst geode or a quartz cluster on which you will place your aquamarine.

You can also place it in the sunlight to recharge it.

Aquamarine and chakra

Aquamarine is primarily related to the Solar Plexus Chakra and the Throat Chakra.

To open the solar plexus chakra, you can use aquamarine in combination with other stones.

To treat problems resulting from the throat chakra, this crystal can also be used.

Aquamarine is incidentally linked to the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, 7th chakra. It is located at the level of the fontanel.

The latter represents the skull and the nervous system. The opening of this chakra brings you spiritual awakening, fullness, joy, peace.

To work on the crown chakra, place an aquamarine in your hands during meditation. Light your candles for this purpose. This will better stimulate the properties of the stone and better illuminate it.

Properties and benefits of aquamarine – happiness and health

Some combinations with other stones

Aquamarine is highly prized in jewelry for its purity and radiance. It is sometimes confused with turquoise.

You can combine it with other stones in the treatment of the different chakras attached to it. It is for example rock crystal, lapis lazuli, amethyst.

How to use it

Aquamarine is the stone of communication. It allows you to verbalize the unspoken. To work with this stone, you must adhere to the polishing conditions.

You can hold it in your hand for meditation or put it in your bed if you cannot easily communicate how you are feeling (6).

In case of pain, place it at the level of the throat.

For 3rd eye chakra issues, place the stone between your eyebrows.


Aquamarine can be used in lithotherapy for many reasons. To treat emotional issues such as communication problems, anxieties, lack of courage or sadness, this stone can be used.

Beyond emotional problems, foods derived from aquamarine can be used against physical health problems.

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