Properties and benefits of jasper and red jasper – happiness and health


Belonging to the quartz family, the jasper sports plural colors in all the continents of the world.

Microcrystalline stone, the latter is available in a beautiful and rich range of shades inherited from the presence of clay or iron oxides which colors each of its stones.

Jasper is found in all continents of the world, particularly in Madagascar, Russia, the United States and Western Europe.

It is a stone that has populated the world and conquered the inhabitants of many civilizations.

Soothing mineral, red jasper created its legend in its quality of stone with positive virtues in terms of energy and calming of the internal organs. You will feel its virtues from the outside!

Explore the power of this mineral through its portrait in lithotherapy, and discover its contributions and uses according to your personal ambitions.

Origin and formation

Derived from the Greek, the name “iaspis”, jasper is also known in Latin as “jaspidem”. Literally, this name means “speckled stone.” (1)

The plural colors of jasper do not come only from its formation in the form of microcrystalline quartz. (2)

As it is found in several points of the globe, this mineral inherits either a creation in the form of silicas or of a volcanic origin. Quartz is indeed produced in the depths of the Earth.

The magma – the lava from the volcano – tends to crystallize and solidify at depth, giving rise to quartz with eclectic properties and colors, formed through weathered, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks (3).

The plural shades of jasper range from green to yellow through brown, black and of course red. It can take on clouds, welts, speckled patterns and spots.

Each tone thus reveals a composition, meanings as well as unique properties in lithotherapy.

The presence of iron oxide brings its red hue to the stone that is jasper. Oxidation thus causes the appearance of this warm and dark hue which gives all its intensity to this microcrystalline quartz.


About 80% of red jasper is made of silicon dioxide under its chemical name SiO2. Its rhombohedral crystal system takes the form of a slightly offset cube whose six faces constitute diamonds of equal size.

This peculiarity makes it a solid stone, characterized by a hardness of 6,5 to 7 on the Mohs scale and a density index of 2,5 (4).

Native to the whole world, we find the most beautiful deposits in Madagascar or in Russia, in particular in the Urals. These countries deploy an offer of microcrystalline quartz of the best quality.


In other places on the planet, however, we find sources of jasper in France, Germany, India, Brazil and the United States (5).

History and legend of crystal

Properties and benefits of jasper and red jasper – happiness and health

Stone of rare symbolism, red jasper crosses the times from Antiquity to us.


The first outstanding element of his legend comes from Christianity (6). Certain accounts thus tell that this mineral would come from the blood of Christ himself, shed at the foot of his cross during his crucifixion.

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Therefore, the red jasper has a high biblical significance. Later in history, in the Middle Ages, it was used as a “martyrs stone” to engrave in churches the scenes relating this episode of the Gospel.

The red jasper thus evokes blood. The Apocalypse of St. John even describes Christ on a throne of jasper.

It has been used throughout history, as an ornament for homes, sculptures, paving stones or even mosaics and facings (7). Jasper was used as an ornamental jewel of a sacred nature among the Japanese.

Chinese emperors sported red jasper jewelry, and American Indians created amulets to protect them at night.

Among the Egyptians, red jasper amulets, taking the form of scarabs, or even snakes’ heads, revealed the intense beauty of this stone (7).

Greeks and Romans have, since Antiquity, associated the red jasper, for the first, with the goddess of the Earth Gaia, for the second with the goddess of fertility Bona Dea. (7)

These beliefs have lasted somewhat until our era, since red jasper is still recognized in lithotherapy for its virtues with a view to an announced childbirth (8).

Even the most beautiful moments of your life could be marked with the positive imprint of this crystal!

Physical and emotional virtues of red jasper

Emotional benefits (9)

Anchoring and meditation

Soothing and refocusing your energies, red jasper helps you come back to yourself. Structuring and bringing the mind back to your essential emotions, this stone promotes anchoring, the return to the earth and the very essence of your being.

Wearing the red jasper on your neck, on your arm or placing it in a meditation room could indeed accentuate the admirable effects on the body and the spirit of the stone, to advocate an atmosphere of calm and return to the the very essence of things.

It is also used on a desk in order to land better, to anchor oneself. The concentration will thus be increased tenfold and there is no longer any question of wandering!

Calming negative energies, strong emotions

In meditation, the red jasper is regularly associated with the solar plexus, center of energies and link of each being with the outside world.

Anchoring is the best way to approach in a healthier and more balanced way your relationship with the outside world. A line of nervousness or impatience can thus be blurred.

Appeasement or detachment from family ties

The red jasper refocuses each on its essential foundations.

It brings a touch of clairvoyance to the unique links that connect us to the world and to those around us, helping everyone to clearly question the relationships that we still wish to maintain with those close to them.

The appeasement of exchanges with the other is one of its main principles.

However, it happens that at the end of a work on oneself, one arrives at the conclusion that it is necessary to loosen the bonds with a certain part of its close relations.

In this hard work that is that of detachment, yet sometimes necessary, it is customary to link his approach to the stone that is the red jasper to work on the removal of blood ties that can harm us.

The stone is not necessarily there to cut the bridges. It can help to reconnect or simply take some distance, a necessary step back for the time it takes.

Go further in your goals, go the distance

Properties and benefits of jasper and red jasper – happiness and health

Assured of its anchoring and its success, we go further. It is this principle also established by jasper and even more so by red jasper. When the road is long and the outcome uncertain – much of life, in fact – this stone brings strength and determination.

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It helps to glimpse the road that leads to success – or deliverance! – calmly. Even if unforeseen events remain, red jasper is known, in lithotherapy, to welcome difficulties with philosophy and courage.

On the chakras

At the base of every being, the root chakra is the origin of life. It is that of anchoring. It establishes the link with oneself and its close environment. He is the one who connects and temporizes our emotions.

Prized as part of regular physical activity, red jasper allows us to become aware of our body and our inner strength.

However, there is an opening towards the second chakra, due to the properties of the stone on sexuality from the point of view of women but also of men.

Physical benefits

Strength and vigor

It is a body building stone. Associated with tiger eye and black tourmaline, red jasper will restore support and maintenance to the muscles. The back will be guaranteed in its daily posture as will the shoulders and neck.

Jasper fights against sclerosis, or hardening of the organs. By soothing, this mineral accompanies our body in daily movements.

The framework will also be positively affected by red jasper: in this context, it can be accompanied by calcite stone.

Better blood circulation

Stone of blood, it wears its color. It is thus symbolic of the good health of the blood system, of its vigor in any individual. Red jasper is thus recognized for its effects on the blood, in particular in its heliotropic version.

Stone of fulfilled sexuality

Women generally associate this stone with their sexuality. Indeed, it activates the glands and regulates the hormonal system. Men appreciate it for its virtues on the sexual organs, which the stone stimulates.

The virtues of red jasper during pregnancy

Properties and benefits of jasper and red jasper – happiness and health

This mineral is recognized for its virtues in lithotherapy at the time of childbirth. The red jasper would avoid complications after the birth of a child.

Likewise, after a miscarriage or an abortion, the hormonal system of women would be better regulated.

Restoration of internal organs

Jasper in all its forms is recommended in the restoration of internal organs, such as the liver, stomach, lungs, kidneys and bladder.

The followers of lithotherapy also recognize its beneficial properties in the fight against headaches, rheumatism or even winter diseases that affect the bronchi and the nose.

Colds and flu are clearly targeted and that’s good.

How to charge the stone

Any use of red jasper, in lithotherapy, requires prior preparation of the mineral, positive energization in order to reveal its strength (11)


  • Any purchased stone being linked to a spiritual energy, it should be deprogrammed.
  • You can then recite to her the virtues that you want her to bring to you. Therefore relate the classic benefits of the latter to your deepest aspirations.

Two techniques can be used to recharge your stone:

  • soak it in salted, demineralized water, preferably lukewarm
  • expose it to sunlight, preferably on a rock crystal

Another, little-known and yet valuable alternative is to place the mineral on a red jasper geode. The stone will recharge in two to three hours.

Quickly becoming heavy in energy, the deprogramming and the discharge of the red jasper will have to be carried out regularly.

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Buy your red jasper

Properties and benefits of jasper and red jasper – happiness and health

Color is the first determining factor in the price of a jasper mineral. High intensity will be a sign of scarcity and synonymous with higher prices. Red jasper, offered around 2 to 7 euros, cannot exceed 20 carats.

The red jasper can display prices between 15 and 50 euros, in the case of stones weighing more than 15 carats.

Whether worn as a pendant, bracelet or in a bedroom, this precious mineral is thus relatively affordable.

Among the most popular stones, however, there are those with the most intense colors, or marked by the strongest shades. As a jasper stone is rarely uniform, the most beautiful and the large roughness will be really valued.

How to use it on a daily basis?

Anchoring is the very essence of jasper like red jasper, linked to the first chakra. Placed against you, centered along your bust, it will give even greater confidence.

During a meditation, the red jasper can be held between your hands to accentuate its virtues on the mind and the body. Closer to oneself, the mineral transmits its positive energies.

In order to bring comfort after pregnancy, it will be placed, purified beforehand, on the lower abdomen.

Its perfect use really depends on the ailments you expect to fight against. If your action is on the throat or internal organs, you will gently place your polished crystal on the parts of the body that you hope to target first.

The location doesn’t matter. Jasper gets carried away and accompanies you in your daily life:

  • On the go, you can take it, if it is not raw, in your pocket.
  • Inside a room, wedged against a door, hung from a window or placed at the foot of a bed, crystal is likely to embalm the room with positive waves.
  • Under the pillow, it will soothe your nights and thus transmit good waves. It is the principle of a healthy body in a healthy environment. (13) (14)

What combinations with other stones?

Properties and benefits of jasper and red jasper – happiness and health
Red jasper pendant

Associated with a pyrite, red jasper will promote action on the solar plexus, at the center of relations with the surrounding environment. Linked to the survival instinct, it reconnects with our primary and essential needs. (13) (14) (15)

Associated with garnet stone, the mineral that is jasper will work more particularly on:

  • to colère
  • anxiety
  • upsetting emotions

The elixir of red jasper

An alloy of rock water and crystals, the elixir is obtained after exposure to the moon or the sun during the night. It will materialize in a small bottle, all the beneficial, fortifying and soothing properties of its rock.


From ancient times to the present day, jasper and red jasper have retained their legend.

As well used in adornment as in lithotherapy, these crystals reveal the best of their stones. Their symbolism is linked to blood and the inner strength that lies dormant in each of us.

This mineral soothes and potentially frees inner demons as well as a harmful entourage.

This stone is renowned for its virtues on sexuality, internal organs, healing of mild viral infections but also pregnancy. It is ideal for strengthening the body and the spirit.

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