Cupping massage and why you should try it

Vacuum cupping massage is an ancient Chinese medicine method for treating back and neck problems by massaging with heated vacuum cups. This type of massage is usually painless and, according to many, more effective than muscle massage. The vacuum stimulates blood flow to the area, starting the healing process. Vacuum massage helps tissues stimulate blood flow and the production of anti-inflammatory substances in the body. Different versions of this massage can be found in different cultures of Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Of all available, in the modern world the most common form is. Vacuum jars are placed on the skin of the back, after which, using a special device, the skin is gently sucked into the jar. Such a massage is not popular, it was originally used in the ancient Muslim world: small incisions were made on the skin, from which blood came out during the massage. It is believed that vacuum massage significantly reduces pain. Fibromyalgia sufferers in particular note that this type of therapy is more effective than traditional medications. By stimulating blood in the tissues around the jar, the body creates new blood vessels – this is called. Vessels, being new, supply tissues with nutrition and oxygen. With vacuum massage, a process called sterile inflammation also occurs. When we hear the word “inflammation”, we have a bad association. However, the body responds with inflammation to heal by producing white blood cells, platelets, fibroblasts, and other substances to promote healing. Vacuum causes separation of tissue layers, which forms local microtraumas. The above substances are released and start the healing process. What can cupping massage do for your body: 1. Stimulation of circulation 2. Saturation of tissues with oxygen 3. Renewal of stagnant blood 4. Creation of new blood vessels 5. Stretching of connective tissue Vacuum massage is recommended in combination with acupuncture.

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