Soaking is one of the important steps in preparing for planting corn. This measure is aimed at stimulating growth processes, and also helps the grain to germinate even during the dry period, thereby increasing germination. But in order to achieve the desired effect, the seeds should be soaked correctly. Let’s talk in more detail about this measure and reveal 3 secrets that will help increase seed germination.

Properly Soaking Corn Seeds Before Sowing: 3 Secrets You Didnt Know About

Procedure for the procedure

The soaking process consists of 3 stages. First is the selection of material. If these are grains from homemade corn, you should choose only the best heads, large and full. It is important that they are not damaged by pests and not infected with diseases. After that, soak the grains in cold water for 5-10 minutes. Those that pop up can be safely removed and thrown away, and then drain the water from the rest. It is important to know that it is worth collecting seeds for planting only from varietal plants. Hybrids do not produce crops. You can also make the task of selecting yourself easier – buy corn seeds in an online store, choosing the right variety or hybrid. Such grains have already been selected and calibrated.

The second stage – preparation. It will require a flap of cotton fabric (it is advisable to choose a dense material, not gauze). It must be folded in several layers and placed on the bottom of the container, and then spread out the seeds.

The third stage – soaking. The container with cloth and corn grains must be carefully filled with water so that it covers the seeds up to half. You do not need to completely submerge them, as the grains require air for normal development.

When distributing seeds and watering them with water, they should be positioned so that there is a distance between them. Otherwise, the roots will stick together, and it will be difficult to distribute them without damage. After completing all the steps, the seed container should be placed in a warm and bright place, for example, a windowsill is suitable, but it is better to choose a non-sunny side of the house.

An important nuance: processed grains do not need to be soaked. In water, a solution with nutrients and fungicides on their surface will dissolve, and its benefits to the seeds will be leveled.

Properly Soaking Corn Seeds Before Sowing: 3 Secrets You Didnt Know About

3 secrets of water preparation

Any water can be used to soak the corn, as long as the seeds are of good quality, they will germinate. But experienced gardeners know a few secrets that help increase the percentage of germinated grains, as well as saturate them with nutrients, laying the potential for further development of sprouts:

  1. Melt water. You can get it in a simple way – freeze the purified liquid in the freezer. Then, the ice container should be left in a warm place and wait until about half has melted. It is this liquid that can be used, after allowing it to warm up to the air temperature in the room. The rest of the ice should be thrown away, it accumulates sediment in the form of salts and their compounds, which are of no benefit to the seeds.
  2. Water + honey. This sweet bee product contains a large supply of vitamins and nutrients. To prepare a nutrient solution, you need to dilute a little honey in purified water (1 tsp per 250 ml of liquid).
  3. water + aloe. This mixture will also help to saturate the grains with useful substances necessary for the growth and development of plants. Mix the components in a ratio of 1:1.

Corn grains should be soaked for about 12 hours, no more is required. They should be planted immediately after germination, following the square-nested layout of the holes on the site.

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