Preparations for the winter: how to pickle vegetables and fruits


If earlier only our grandmothers were engaged in rolling cans for the winter, now is the time for us to try this exciting activity. Autumn stocks will come in handy in winter and on New Year’s Eve you will have nice jars on the table without flavor enhancers and preservatives. 

To prepare delicious summer memories, you need a standard set: small clean glass jars and lids (threaded or metal with a rubber seal). The last version of the lids requires skill, in addition to the seaming key, you will need a lot of other utensils, so we advise you to focus on threaded lids. For the greater benefit of the blanks, we recommend using apple or wine vinegar instead of table vinegar. 


Although beets are sold in Russia all year round, soft beets in a spicy marinade look much more appetizing than boiled or baked. In addition, you can cook borscht very quickly from pickled beets, because the main ingredient is already ready! To marinate beets: Boil them, cut into slices or quarters, and pour over the marinade. 

black pepper, clove bay leaf. 


Sauerkraut and pickled cabbage have been a favorite dish in Rus’ for many centuries. Classic pickled cabbage contains a huge amount of vitamin C, B9, as well as aluminum, zinc and potassium, manganese, copper and organic acids. In addition, cabbage is the fastest preparation of all, it can be eaten within a couple of days after cooking. 

black pepper, bay leaf. 


Pickled sweet and sour plums will delight you all winter! Now you only need to find the sweetest and ripest. Before cooking, you need to pierce the fruits in several places so that they do not explode. Before you roll plums into jars, it is best to pour marinade over them overnight – this way the fruits will soak and retain maximum taste. 

cloves, black pepper, bay leaf, cinnamon. 


Pears in a spicy marinade will take you straight to summer! In the meantime, you need to prepare: choose the most ripe and fragrant pears, boil in a marinade and roll them into jars. It’s very tasty, try it! 

cinnamon, cloves, allspice. 


This bright healthy vegetable looks beautiful in glass jars and can even decorate a festive table. We offer to cut the pumpkin into thin strips and mix with other pre-cut vegetables – onions, garlic and bell peppers. Ginger combined with pumpkin will add spice and warm in the cold. 

ginger, cinnamon, cloves, a mixture of peppers. 


An unusual dish with which you will definitely surprise your guests! Grapes for harvesting are better to choose ripe and pitted. Spices are not usually used to pickle grapes, so it is important that the grapes are fragrant and sweet from the very beginning. Remove the berries from the bunch, place tightly in a jar and pour boiling marinade over. Screw the lids on and put them on the shelf with the rest of the blanks! 

not required. 


Pickled watermelon is well known to the inhabitants of the south, where in the season watermelons literally have nowhere to go. We in the middle lane are used to fresh watermelons in August-September – so why not experiment and roll up a piece of summer for the winter? Cut the watermelon into pieces, remove the crust and bones, place in a jar, pour over the marinade and roll up. Ready! 

currant leaves, black pepper. 

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