Vegetarianism and cancer

Vegetarianism and cancer

Vegetarianism and cancer are incompatible in any sense. Cancer is an arthropod, not food, let it live. If you mean a deadly disease, then linking these two concepts is also wrong. After all, a vegetarian does not lead a lifestyle that would lead to such an outcome. Even heavy smokers have a certain chance of escaping cancer and dying earlier from other diseases. In general, the process of the appearance of this disease is clear to medicine, but the reasons are not yet fully understood. Some people eat carcinogens, smoke and drink, but cancer bypasses. The reason for this is in the genetic disposition, in the blood group. However, it is not necessary to play with fate with Russian roulette. Vegetarianism is just such a way of life when a person not only prolongs his life, but makes it saturated with positive. When you are not afraid that the next dish will trigger a self-destruction mechanism in the body, when you understand that all your food is a gift of nature, and not a product of murder, then this confidence becomes a constant positive background.

All this nonsense about soy, lack of vitamins and nutrients is a pathetic attempt by meat eaters and meat producers not only to retain the right to eat corpses (the Constitution does not take away this right), but to back up their addiction with the “idea” of health. It is difficult to imagine greater stupidity, and it is not necessary. The attack by anti-scientific arguments could be ignored altogether, but since there are people who need the right opinion, we must present it.

So, consider the simplest way to significantly reduce the risk of cancer, even with poor heredity. This is vegetarianism. A balanced diet of vegetarians is the saturation of the body with everything necessary for normal life, for cleansing the body and for a successful detoxification process. After all, you can’t get away with bad ecology, which means that you will have to minimize its harm. And vegetarianism copes with this in the following way: a person, firstly, does not prevent the body from working as it was intended by nature. We have a very great potential of strength, we can overcome even the adverse conditions of life in a big city. But since the body’s reserves are not dimensionless, it needs to be helped with fiber. By adsorbing heavy metals and toxins, fiber successfully removes them from the body. Olive and flaxseed oils support health in a complex way, as do many other foods that are regularly consumed by vegetarians. 

You might say, well, meat-eaters also eat tomatoes. If we are talking about tomatoes, then their meat-eaters are just not recommended: the contained oxalic acid disrupts the already difficult process of digesting meat. So compare: the clean gastrointestinal tract of a vegetarian due to the consumption of food that does not contribute to putrefactive processes, purified with fiber, and the tract of a meat-eater, where habitues of dirty intestines live and live – worms and pathogenic bacteria. All over the world, doctors are calling to be, in a certain sense, concerned about your intestines. There is the basis of immunity, and its condition is closely interconnected with well-being and health. And when the gastrointestinal tract becomes clogged, and even attacked by bacteria, it cannot provide maximum protection against internal and external dangers. 

However, the risk of diseases in a neophyte vegetarian after many years of meat-eating does not decrease as quickly as we would like. Hence the conflicting reports that vegans get sick. Some of them are just that category of newcomers who have stopped eating meat, but the body is still slagged. In especially advanced cases, there may be exacerbations of chronic diseases. After all, no one considers it abnormal if dust rises during cleaning, so here: the body is freed from dirt, the body’s systems are under stress. But it can and should be experienced in order to continue to enjoy a life without killing, a life filled with high ethical goals and success! 

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