Play any sports? Then make sure you buy the nuts: here’s why…


Nuts, despite their high-calorie value, are beneficial. They contain healthy fats that are easily digested. A small number of peanuts – a perfect snack for athletes. What to prefer?


  • 100 g 643 kcal, protein 25.7, 54.1 fats, carbohydrates 13.2.
  • Cashew is rich in proteins and carbohydrates, vitamins A, B2, B1, and iron, contain zinc, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium.

Relatively low-fat nut, but with a lot of magnesium in the composition, helps with muscle spasms, which is very important after a workout. Normalizes blood pressure, calms, reduces fatigue, and reduces your risk of muscle microtrauma. Another magnesium property – it helps digest the food eaten and contributes to the rapid release of energy after its admission, and therefore helps you feel more cheerful in training!


  • 100 g 645 kcal, protein 18.6, 57.7 fats, carbohydrates 16.2.
  • Almond contains protein, vitamin E, magnesium, phosphorus, rich in zinc, copper, manganese, iron, vitamins of group B.

Almonds are great to recover from energy-intensive workouts. The composition of almonds is perfect for healthy bones and hair, and nails. Protein will restore the muscles, reduce pain and address the nutritional balance of the day. Also, this walnut lowers blood sugar, and sweets with almonds are one of the most harmonious.


  • 100 g 654 kcal, protein 15.2, 65.2 fats, carbohydrates 7.0.
  • Walnuts contain a lot of iron, copper, cobalt, zinc, manganese, zinc, antioxidants, and alpha-linolenic acid. Kernels contain many fats, protein, more than 20 free essential amino acids, and vitamins B1, B2, C, PP, carotene, essential oil, iodine, tannin, and a precious volatile substance – juglone. In immature fruits of walnut contains more vitamin C than at the hips.

Walnut prevents hardening of the arteries and keeps them elastic, and retains fatty liver. It relieves nervous tension after exercise, reduces the risk of injuries, and can positively affect already received micro reserve muscles at the expense of healthy omega fats in the composition.

Play any sports? Then make sure you buy the nuts: here’s why…


  • 100 g 556 kcal, protein 20.0, 50.0 fats, carbohydrates 7.0.
  • Nuts contain sucrose, organic acids (acetic), protein, fiber, fatty oil, Tocopherols, fatty acids, anthocyanins, vitamin E, K, potassium.

Pistachio tone and help for chronic fatigue in athletes reduce cholesterol. Maintain muscle tone, reduce the risk of seizures during the training process.


  • 100 g, 551 kcal, protein 26.3, 45.2 fats, carbohydrates 9.9.
  • Peanuts contain vitamins a, D, E, b, PP, minerals, a record amount of potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, manganese, and antioxidants.

This nut is the basis of healthy nutrition and a good helper for outside microtrauma and bleeding. It treats insomnia, increases libido in women and potency in men. Easy digesting acts as a preventive measure for heart diseases, blood vessels, which is important for sports.

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