What is the lectin and how it harms your body


In the Internet era, understanding what is useful and harmful to our body isn’t the problem. So we have recorded the enemy gluten, fats, glucose, and lactose, but on the horizon appeared a new word – lectin. What foods contain this chemical, and how it affects our health?

Lectins — a type of proteins and glycoproteins that do not allow molecules to communicate with each other. The danger of lectins is in their stickiness that clogs up the intestinal wall and allows food to move freely. As a result of the use of lectins disturbed digestion, illnesses of the digestive tract increase the risk of autoimmune diseases and the emergence of excess weight. But you should not blindly trust this information – any substance, one degree or another, needs to get into our body.

The benefits and harms of lectins

Lectins – a source of antioxidants and coarse fibers that can not deprive our body. They have anti-inflammatory and antitumor effects, boost the immune system. Have a question about the quantity, but there are not many risk products with lectine much to eat. The second feature is a method of cooking food with lectins. And here is the complete ignoring them, according to nutritionists, can lead to disastrous consequences.

What foods contain lectin

What is the lectin and how it harms your body

Lectin a lot in soybeans, beans, peas, whole grain cereals, nuts, dairy products, potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, eggs, and seafood. As you can see, all the products that were previously considered to be incredibly useful, and if they should be deleted entirely, to prepare, in General, not anything else.

To get rid of the lectin in the products, in fact, possible. To do this, merely you should soak grains before cooking, sprouting beans, grains, eating fermented foods.

For most lectin choose fresh beans, after 10 minutes of cooking, their number is greatly reduced. While legumes hearty enough to save you from impulsive bouts of hunger between meals.

Whole grain contains fewer lectins, so replace the usual side dishes with healthier counterparts. For example, use brown rice instead of white. By the way, brown rice gluten-free. What is important for people suffering from intolerance to this substance.

What is the lectin and how it harms your body

Lectin vegetables contain mostly in their skin. Therefore, to solve the problem by cutting the skin and baking at high temperature, in which lectins fully neutralized: grilled vegetables – your choice.

From dairy products consume yogurt is a fermented product, which has no lectins. Yogurt will improve digestion, and assimilation will make other products more effective.

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