Pinacolada recipe

Nutritional value and chemical composition.

The table shows the content of nutrients (calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals) per 100 grams edible part.
NutrientQuantityNorm**% of the norm in 100 g% of the norm in 100 kcal100% normal
Calorie value174 kCal1684 kCal10.3%5.9%968 g
Proteins0.42 g76 g0.6%0.3%18095 g
Fats1.88 g56 g3.4%2%2979 g
Carbohydrates22.36 g219 g10.2%5.9%979 g
Alcohol (ethyl alcohol)9.9 g~
Alimentary fiber0.3 g20 g1.5%0.9%6667 g
Water64.99 g2273 g2.9%1.7%3497 g
Ash0.14 g~
beta Carotene0.001 mg5 mg500000 g
Vitamin B1, thiamine0.029 mg1.5 mg1.9%1.1%5172 g
Vitamin B2, riboflavin0.017 mg1.8 mg0.9%0.5%10588 g
Vitamin B5, pantothenic0.061 mg5 mg1.2%0.7%8197 g
Vitamin B6, pyridoxine0.045 mg2 mg2.3%1.3%4444 g
Vitamin B9, folate12 μg400 μg3%1.7%3333 g
Vitamin C, ascorbic4.9 mg90 mg5.4%3.1%1837 g
Vitamin E, alpha tocopherol, TE0.02 mg15 mg0.1%0.1%75000 g
Vitamin K, phylloquinone0.1 μg120 μg0.1%0.1%120000 g
Vitamin PP, NE0.118 mg20 mg0.6%0.3%16949 g
Potassium, K71 mg2500 mg2.8%1.6%3521 g
Calcium, Ca8 mg1000 mg0.8%0.5%12500 g
Magnesium, Mg8 mg400 mg2%1.1%5000 g
Sodium, Na6 mg1300 mg0.5%0.3%21667 g
Sulfur, S4.2 mg1000 mg0.4%0.2%23810 g
Phosphorus, P7 mg800 mg0.9%0.5%11429 g
Trace Elements
Iron, Fe0.21 mg18 mg1.2%0.7%8571 g
Manganese, Mn0.528 mg2 mg26.4%15.2%379 g
Copper, Cu79 μg1000 μg7.9%4.5%1266 g
Selenium, Se0.7 μg55 μg1.3%0.7%7857 g
Zinc, Zn0.13 mg12 mg1.1%0.6%9231 g
Digestible carbohydrates
Mono- and disaccharides (sugars)22.33 gmax 100 г
Saturated fatty acids
Saturated fatty acids1.636 gmax 18.7 г
6: 0 Nylon0.011 g~
8: 0 Caprylic0.129 g~
10: 0 Capric0.103 g~
12: 0 Lauric0.818 g~
14: 0 Myristic0.323 g~
16: 0 Palmitic0.158 g~
18: 0 Stearin0.096 g~
Monounsaturated fatty acids0.082 gmin 16.8 г0.5%0.3%
18: 1 Olein (omega-9)0.082 g~
Polyunsaturated fatty acids0.033 gfrom 11.2 to 20.60.3%0.2%
18: 2 Linoleic0.027 g~
18: 3 Linolenic0.005 g~
Omega-3 fatty acids0.005 gfrom 0.9 to 3.70.6%0.3%
Omega-6 fatty acids0.027 gfrom 4.7 to 16.80.6%0.3%

The energy value is 174 kcal.

  • fl oz = 31.4 g (54.6 kCal)
  • (4.5 fl oz) = 141 g (245.3 kCal)
Pinacolada recipe rich in vitamins and minerals such as: manganese – 26,4%
  • Manganese participates in the formation of bone and connective tissue, is part of the enzymes involved in the metabolism of amino acids, carbohydrates, catecholamines; essential for the synthesis of cholesterol and nucleotides. Insufficient consumption is accompanied by a slowdown in growth, disorders in the reproductive system, increased fragility of bone tissue, disorders of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism.
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