Shaolin Monk’s Advice on Staying Young

People are used to saying: “The most important thing is health,” but how many people really realize this and follow the principles of a healthy life? In this article, we will consider an excerpt from the speech of a monk, martial artist and scholar, on how to follow the path of health and youth. 1. Stop thinking too much. It takes away your precious energy. Thinking a lot, you start to look older. 2. Don’t talk too much. As a rule, people either do or say. Better to do. 3. Organize your work as follows: 40 minutes – work, 10 minutes – break. When you stare at a screen for a long time, it is fraught with the health of the eyes, internal organs and, ultimately, peace of mind. 4. Being happy, control the state of happiness. If you lose control, it will affect the energy of the lungs. 5. Don’t get angry or overly excited, as these emotions destroy the health of your liver and intestines. 6. When eating, do not overeat. Eat until you feel that your hunger is satisfied and no more. This is important for the health of the spleen. 7. By doing physical exercises and not practicing Qigong, the energy balance is lost, which makes you impatient. Yin energy disappears from the body. Restore the balance of Yin and Yang energies with the help of the practices of the Chinese Qigong system.

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