Pearl of the Black Sea – Abkhazia

It is August, which means that the holiday season on the Black Sea is in full swing. Taking into account the unstable situation with the once common beach destinations outside of Russia, holidays in the expanses of the Motherland and its closest neighbors are gaining momentum. Today we will consider one of the countries close to Russia – Abkhazia. Abkhazia is a de facto independent state that seceded from Georgia (but is still not recognized by it as an independent state). It is located on the eastern coast of the Black Sea in the Caucasus region. The coastal lowland is characterized by a subtropical climate, and the Caucasus Mountains occupy the territory in the north of the country. The long history of mankind has left Abkhazia with an impressive architectural and cultural heritage that complements the natural beauty of the country. Nowadays, the tourist infrastructure in the country is developing, and its guests are still mainly tourists from Russia and the CIS. The Abkhaz climate is a hot and humid summer season, warm days can last until the end of October. The average January temperature ranges from +2 to +4. The average temperature in August is +22, +24. The origins of the Abkhazian people are not completely clear. The language is part of the North Caucasian language group. Scientific views agree that the indigenous peoples are associated with the Geniokhi tribe, a proto-Georgian group. Many Georgian scholars believe that the Abkhazians and Georgians were historically the indigenous peoples of this region, but in the 17th-19th centuries, the Abkhazians mixed with the Adige (North Caucasian peoples), thereby losing their Georgian culture. Interesting facts related to Abkhazia:


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