Passion for sweets

The benefits of sweets lie in carbohydrates – a source of energy and strength. They are absorbed by the body very quickly, making you forget about hunger. In stressful situations, a chocolate bar eaten will temporarily relieve tension and improve mood.

It’s no secret that extra calories often leave their mark on the figures of the sweet tooth. A couple of extra pounds is not a myth at all when it comes to excessive passion for “fast carbohydrates”. Doctors add a fly in the ointment to a barrel of honey, reminding not only of the high calorie content of sweets, but also of their harm to teeth and psychological dependence on chocolate and flour products. Nutritionists are also sounding the alarm at the sight of dyes, preservatives and artificial additives in the composition. Some additives are extremely dangerous: they create the risk of allergic reactions and irritate the stomach lining.

How to choose a tasty, sweet, and healthy product?


When choosing sweets, pay attention to the expiration date and appearance. The product must not be expired or deformed. Color also matters: poisonous bright shades indicate a large number of dyes in the composition. Unscrupulous manufacturers, in order to minimize their costs, add synthetic components (E102, E104, E110, E122, E124, E129) instead of natural ones. Such savings affect the health of customers, especially allergy sufferers. After eating bright sweets, the skin can “bloom” with diathesis, urticaria and other troubles.

The know-how of recent years in the confectionery industry is sweeteners. They are both sweeter (sometimes 10 times sweeter than natural sugar) and cheaper, which is why they have settled so firmly in some goodies. When choosing a dessert, pay attention to the ingredients: saccharin (E000), aspartame (E954) and cyclamates (E951) have a negative effect on the liver.

If the label indicates the presence of trans fats, palm oil, spread or emulsifiers, then such a product does not claim to be of high quality. There will be no benefit from such sweets, and the harm is obvious.

In any store, lovers of goodies are in for a real paradise: ice cream and cakes, cookies and rolls, sweets and chocolates, marshmallows and marshmallows. What to choose for a sweet tooth to please yourself without risk to health?


The favorite delicacy of adults and children is ice cream. And in the summer heat it will cool, and satisfy hunger, and bring benefits. The classic ice cream contains a storehouse of nutrients: calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, copper, iron, iodine, zinc, selenium, lactoferrin, vitamins A, D and E .. 

A natural creamy product is made on the basis of milk and cream, adding sugar and vanilla in a small amount. This set of ingredients in ice cream is optimal and safest for health. Fruits, berries, natural syrups or chocolate chips will give a bright life and benefit to ice cream.

With caution, you should use a cooling dessert for overweight people, diabetics, people with high cholesterol, heart disease, and oral cavity.


Chocolate is a product with a magical taste and a mythical history of origin. It is believed that the Maya Indians were the discoverers of chocolate, who used cocoa beans as a currency. At that time, various unusual properties were attributed to the grains of the mystical fruit (relaxing, energizing, healing, stimulating).

For hundreds of years, cocoa bean deliciousness has won millions of fans around the world, and in Switzerland, Belgium and some other European countries, chocolate has become a national pride.

The basis of real dark chocolate is cocoa beans (the higher the percentage in the bar, the higher the value of the product). This important ingredient has a sedative effect, promotes the production of endorphins (“hormones of happiness”), improves brain activity, increases blood pressure and performance. You can enjoy chocolate almost daily without harm to health, if the portion weight does not exceed 25 grams for physically active people and 10-15 grams for sedentary lifestyles. Of the wide variety of chocolate, it is better to give preference to bitter.


Natural and nutritious dried fruits are a source of fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, bioflavonoids and minerals. Great for snacking, cooking and nutritious smoothies.

Potassium-rich dried apricots and apricots support the work of the heart muscle and gastrointestinal tract, preventing constipation.

Dates are a storehouse of fructose, glucose, sucrose, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, cadmium, fluorine, selenium and amino acids. Valuable fruits strengthen the immune system, protect teeth from caries, regulate the digestive tract.

To maintain thyroid function 3-4 times a week, it is useful to consume raisins and figs.

Dried fruits are very high in calories, so it is important to follow the measure, but 3-5 pieces a day will definitely not damage your figure!


The homeland of the delicacy is present-day Iran (formerly ancient Persia). The Asian masterpiece is still made at home by hand in order to preserve the taste and nutritional value. The main ingredient is oil seeds: sesame or sunflower, nuts (more often -).

Halva is a valuable sweetness: potassium and copper, magnesium and sodium, calcium and phosphorus, iron and zinc, vitamin B1, B2, B6, PP, D, folic acid normalize the acidity of gastric juice, improve blood circulation, promote cell renewal.

Dessert is well absorbed by the body, but not the best option for treats for people suffering from diseases of the digestive system.


Honey is not just sweet, but also a natural medicine. The strength of the amber product is in a unique cocktail of mineral salts, vitamins, antioxidants, micro and macro elements. For the ability to cure some diseases, honey is used for the prevention of diseases, as well as at the stage of rehabilitation. Experts in honey affairs claim its bactericidal properties and equate it to a natural antibiotic.

In addition, honey is a natural sweetener and antiseptic that promotes wound healing.

Honey is not a thermophilic product. When heated above 40-50º, useful substances and vitamins begin to be lost, and above 60º, the toxic component hydroxymethylfurfural is released, which can cause serious harm to the body.

Honey (and its components) can cause allergic reactions. This product should be used with caution by children, pregnant and lactating women.

In order for both the teeth to be intact and the bellies to be full, it is enough to choose sweets with the most natural composition and origin. Of course, do not forget about the measure! After eating sweets, it is recommended to rinse the mouth with water so as not to get caries. Sweet life to you!

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