What is diatomaceous earth and its uses

Soft scrub

Diatomaceous earth is found in a number of organic hygiene products, such as toothpastes and facial peels. It effectively kills bacteria on the skin and in the oral cavity.

Food supplement

Diatomaceous earth contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals, in particular silicon. It will not replace a healthy diet and multivitamin, but it does provide bioavailable minerals to supplement the diet.

To strengthen the immune system

Studies have shown that diatomaceous earth has a positive effect on the immune system by killing harmful organisms.


Perhaps the most popular use of diatomaceous earth is the removal of heavy metals. Diatomaceous earth tends to bind to heavy metals and helps them leave the body.

insecticide and pesticide

Diatomaceous earth is a good natural way to control field pests. It is quite capable of replacing chemical pesticides that are used in non-organic agriculture.

Water filter

Diatomaceous earth is often used as a filter medium in water purification systems and in the production of sugar, vegetable oil, and honey.


The latest research in the field of medicine is increasingly paying attention to diatomaceous earth, which has proven itself well in experiments with DNA. It is expected that the scope of diatomaceous earth in medicine can become much wider.


Hydroponics has become a new word in an environmentally friendly way of growing crops. In this growing medium, diatomaceous earth is increasingly being used to help plants thrive in an aquatic environment. Diatomaceous earth helps crops absorb water and nutrients.

One of the nice bonuses of diatomaceous earth is the lack of side effects. You can use it for a long time, you just need to distinguish between food and non-food options.

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