Onions – different types and their uses

There are many varieties of onions, and each of them is good for a dish – be it a soup or a salad. Some types of onions caramelize better, while others bring out their flavor when raw. Choosing a bow may seem like a simple task, but there are a few nuances to be aware of, and we will tell you about them.

Onions are divided into two categories – dry and green. Among these two types of onions, you can also find many varieties. For cooking, you need to choose the right variety of onions.

Dry onions are known to everyone – these are white, yellow, red onions. These varieties are very popular and are always available in stores and markets. They do not require refrigeration before serving.

Green onions, or shallots, have long green stems. Requires refrigeration before serving.

How to choose an onion?

Choose onions that are firm to the touch. Soft bulbs are more likely to be rotten on the inside.

Don’t buy bulbs with spots.

As with other vegetables and fruits, you need to make sure that there are no foreign or unpleasant odors.

Which onion is best for cooking?

Yellow and white onions are the two main varieties used in everyday cuisine. They are great for soups and stews.

Sweet onions are great for recipes that require them to be caramelized (i.e. fried in sugar syrup). The sugar content in these varieties gives them a brown color when roasted. It is this onion that is ideal for making the famous French onion soup.

Red onions are best eaten raw, they are great for salads and give them a beautiful color.

Shallots are used in the preparation of delicate sauces and soups. It has a layered structure, and the flesh inside is often purple in color.

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