7 Plants That Mosquitoes Hate

Super plants against mosquitoes 1) Catnip, or catnip According to a 2010 study, this plant is 10 times more effective at repelling mosquitoes than any mosquito repellent. Catnip is a perennial herbaceous plant, it is quite simple to grow, and you can plant it in different places on your site. True, if you have a cat, be prepared to find him very happy in the thickets of this plant. Well, or plant catnip in pots and hang them on the veranda higher from the ground. 2) Citronella, or lemongrass You may know that citronella extract is an ingredient in mosquito repellents. Meanwhile, this is a pretty pretty fast-growing perennial plant, reaching up to one and a half meters in height. The leaves and stems of citronella have a pleasant citrus aroma, hence the name. You can plant citronella in pots and place them around the perimeter of your summer gazebo, then mosquitoes will certainly not disturb your intimate conversations. 3) Marigolds These small bright flowers emit phytoncides that repel not only mosquitoes, but also other insect pests. Marigolds love the neighborhood with other flowers and will decorate any flower bed. In addition, marigolds are a great companion for tomatoes. Plant them side by side and protect your crop from pests. 4) Mint Mosquitoes simply hate the aroma of mint, but for us, mint is a wonderful spice and medicinal plant. Mint grows very quickly and can be added to tea and many dishes. You can plant mint both in the garden and among the flowers. 5) Basil Basil is a beautiful unpretentious plant, an excellent healer and a favorite spice, without which many dishes become simply boring. There are many varieties of basil, and mosquitoes are repelled by lemon basil and cinnamon basil (with purple leaves). Plant basil close to your kitchen so you always have it on hand. 6) Lavender Not only moths hate lavender, but also mosquitoes. This gorgeous lilac plant with a soothing fragrance will brighten up your flower bed or lawn. 7) Garlic And, of course, plant garlic. Garlic, with its smell, repels not only fictional vampires, but also many insects, including mosquitoes. Plant garlic among flowers, among trees, and among plants, and forget about annoying pests. And add this natural antibiotic to different vegetarian dishes. Of course, there are many more plants that repel mosquitoes. But this seven does not require any effort to grow. Plant these plants in your garden and enjoy outdoor parties! Source: blogs.naturalnews.com Translation: Lakshmi

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