Food as a means of manipulating human consciousness

What enters the body inevitably affects the human consciousness – this fact is not subject to any criticism. Since ancient times, pundits have recommended, depending on the diagnosis, certain herbs, seasonings, vegetables and fruits. With the help of a specially formulated diet, doctors tried to balance the psycho-emotional background, prevent and cure diseases. But we will not find in any treatise a single evidence of the “useful” properties of meat! Why then do today’s doctors strongly recommend the use of slaughter? 


The study of ancient medicine, my own experience of vegetarianism suggests that the story of meat is a “dark” affair. But let’s try to analyze it logically.


The interests of the state are focused on such interests as:

  • internal and external security;
  • development of the economy, that is, the enrichment of the state;
  • successful diplomacy, relations with other countries.


This is the main thing, and for the inhabitants, politicians also declare such interests as patriotism, spiritual, cultural and intellectual development of the population, providing the population with everything necessary in the field of education, medicine, and protecting people’s rights. But, again, all this should meet all the above main interests of the state. And now let’s think about why those in power need to cultivate meat-eating.


Are there any benefits for the economy? On this account, there are a number of analytical layouts, which show in detail that the economy would benefit more if the whole people, or at least most of them, adhered to a vegetarian lifestyle. As many resources as are spent on raising and slaughtering livestock cannot be called rational spending. The real cost of meat is several times higher than the existing one! We are not talking about those waste meat processing plants that cleverly disguise themselves as hamburgers in the same McDonald’s. 


And if it is not economically profitable, then what interests does that massive propaganda of meat-eating meet? This does not apply to external security, in this area the tasks are carried out by intelligence and the Ministry of Defense, as well as diplomacy. Maybe it’s about internal security? But what threat do vegetarians pose to statehood? Many of you still remember the Soviet curse: “It hurts to be smart!”. “Painfully smart” – they think something to themselves, reflect, draw conclusions, talk about it. Disorder! Why think?! You have to work, and even without claims for adequate pay! Why think and talk? We must be silent and do as the Party commands! Mind presses on the brain? Well, then eat meat – it stupefies! 


This conclusion suggests itself. If the state was interested in the health of the nation, then we would only learn from the news how many problems people have from smoking and alcoholism.


By the way, cigarettes and vodka are the basis of the diet of the Third Reich for the Slavs! Well, and “meat”, of course. At a time when black soil was being exported from the Soviet Union, the country focused on raising livestock. And all why? Because even the rulers considered the Slavs to be “cattle”, which simply should not think about subtle matters, it should work. Work hard. The stupidity that follows a meat “diet” plays into the hands of the state. Why care about people if they reproduce quite successfully, grow up, work and … quickly make room for other slaves. And even if they do not understand why they actually live, why the Creator created them. 


But if you have a feeling that you have been given a life for something more than just doing your office duties or similar duties, then give up meat and bad habits altogether. Your consciousness will give you a valuable gift for this: a pure and adequate perception of the world around you, balance and, of course, health!

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