Oncological diseases

Oncological diseases today are one of the main reasons for the increase in mortality in developed and transitional countries.

Almost every third man and every fourth woman suffers from malignant neoplasms. Last year for seventeen and a half million people was marked by the fact that they learned about their cancer. And almost ten million died due to the development of oncology. Such data was published by the journal JAMA Oncology. The most important points of the article are presented by RIA Novosti.

Monitoring the spread of cancer is a very important exercise aimed at understanding the role that cancer plays in the life of modern society in comparison with other diseases. At the moment, this problem is put forward in the first place, given the speed at which cancer is spreading for demographic and epidemiological reasons. This statement belongs to Christine Fitzmaurice of the University of Washington in Seattle.

Oncology is one of the most important causes of death in developed and developing countries today. Cancer is second only to diseases of the cardiovascular system and diabetes.

There are almost three million people living with cancer in the Russian Federation, and the number of such people has increased by about eighteen percent over the past ten years. Every year, almost five hundred thousand people in Russia find out that they have cancer.

Approximately the same situation is observed around the world. That over the past ten years, cancer has increased by thirty-three percent. This is mainly due to the general aging of the population and an increase in the incidence of cancer in some categories of residents.

Judging by the data of the conducted studies, the male population of the earth suffers from oncological diseases somewhat more often, and these are mainly oncologies associated with the prostate. Approximately one and a half million men also suffer from respiratory cancer.

The scourge of the female half of humanity is breast cancer. Children also do not stand aside, they most often suffer from oncological diseases of the hematopoietic system, brain cancer and other malignant tumors.

The fact that the death rate from cancer is increasing from year to year should act on world governments and international medical organizations to step up the fight against this ever-increasing problem.

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